Annie Keirn, 2nd Year

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders
Area of Residence: Delta Delta Delta
Campus Involvement: SGA Senate CCOM Senator 2016-17, Delta Delta Delta- Delta Lamba Chapter, Student Orientation Guide (SOG) Fall 2017, Election Oversight Committee (EOC) 2016-17, Ambassador of Change (AOC) Fall 2016, School on Wheels Tutor Faculty Run Research with Dr. Sofia Souto Fall 2017, Butler Cru Delight

I was on Senate as one of the College of Communication Senators last year and found the experience to be very insightful. I really felt like the position pushed me to want to make a difference in the lives of the students on campus, not only the students that I represented but also the student body as a whole. The position was difficult at times, but the challenge helped me grow as a leader and made me aware of areas in which Butler could be improved. I felt honored to be able to represent the student body and knew I had a responsibility to work as hard as I could to make this amazing campus even better than it already is. I would be honored to have this important position again. I feel that my prior experience working with Senate is of great value and could be used to accomplish more this year. I was also a vital team member of the Election Oversight Committee, and Senate would allow me to be a member of the committee once again. Thank you for the consideration for this important position.
I believe that my greatest strength is empathy and the ability to notice problems on campus and in my community. Whenever I notice or become aware of an issue that I am passionate about, I am sure to make a difference in any way that I can. I believe that Senate could be a great outlet for me to make a difference and help improve different issues on campus. Due to this initiative that I have to improve areas that I am passionate about, at times it would be better for me to take more time and get the opinions of everyone else around me. Listening to other people’s inputs and suggestions might prove to solve or improve the situation better than I could by myself. I should take the time to listen to all of my options before making an important decision.
If I were to be elected, I would want to improve communication and better unite the majors of the a College of Communication. The College of Communication should have the best communication of the colleges, but I can attest that it currently does not. The College of Communication has a wide variety of majors which at times can feel segregated between groups. I hope that through Senate I would be able to change that and help the CCOM students feel more connected and be able to benefit more from each other. I hope to do this through outreach programs and events that target the college as whole and not just a specific major and/or type of major. I believe that this improved communication could be a great step in improving campus as a whole.
I believe that SGA could be improved by improving communication between those involved in SGA and those who are not. I know many people who are completely unaware of all that SGA does and of the positions available for students to fill. Some people are unaware of how to get involved in SGA and believe that they have to have prior “connections” with SGA or one of its members to get involved. If communication were to be improved, more people would know how to get involved in SGA which helps insure that the best people are in the best position for them. Even if a person is uninterested in joining SGA in one of its many facets, the improved communication would help students become more aware of the events and resources available to them through SGA. The more great people that are involved creates more ways to help make the campus better. I believe that communication and simple resources with information readily accessible to everyone could improve SGA and the campus as a whole.