Brittyn Oliver, 2nd Year

Major: Education
Minor: GWS, Education, and HMHSE
Area of Residence: Theta
Campus Involvement: BITS, AOC, Dawgs for a Cure, Employee at HRC, IM Chair, Intramurals, Pre-Law Society, Sorority, and Democrats Club

I am motivated to be the change. I sit back and say that I want things to change. In order for that to happen, I need to step up and be the change. SGA and it’s resources can help me make that change. My big focus is leadership. I am even designing a major right now that combines the developmental theories of education and the leadership aspects to help me prepare for law school to execute educational policies. I know that my determination to be the change and my leadership experience working at Yale University with NSLC (The National Student Leadership Conference) helps prepare me for this role.
I think that my greatest strength is my vocalization of passion. When I find something that I care about, I want everyone to know how much I am passionate about the cause and I will try everything to make sure that I am able to do as much as I can to support my passion. I think someone that is determined, has a strong mindset, and flexible, like myself, that also has the ability to be vocal can be the real difference that SGA is seeking to find. I think that I could always work on myself, one can never be perfect. But one area that I would love to work on is not being such a perfectionist and living in the moment. I always am seeking for everything to go just as planned and never relax and notice what is happening around me. I am always looking to the future.
If elected, one aspect of this job is promoting, leading, and educating those around me. Especially representing the College of Education and being an Education major myself, it is important for me to inform those of resources available to them, educating students about self-care, study, and varies activities, and getting students connected with staff or students for their benefit are important to me. One point that I would love to see around campus is information flyers about their health at Butler: physical and mental. One area that I am passionate about is learning how to cope with stress tactics and how to educate students about what stress is, the types of stress, where to get help, and how to cope with it.
I think that something that could always be improved is campus involvement. I know that it can be extremely frustrating planning and executing an event that not many people show up for. It is crucial to get students to show up, participate, and show pride for their school, government, and change.


Malin Peterson, 2nd Year

Major: Elementary Education
Area of Residence: Ross Hall
Campus Involvement: COE Senator, College Mentor for Kids, Greek Life

My motivation for applying to be a Senator for the College of Education is to fulfill the need to create a broader and stronger representation for COE. Being the smallest sized college in terms of students, we need representatives that wills speak on behalf of the constituents and actively drive to bring change to both our school as a whole, and specifically the College of Education. As the COE Senator last year, I gained experience in leadership skills, began developing outreach projects that i would like to move forward with, and learned what it meant to represent a group of constituents who are all leaders and future educators to the best of my abilities. I believe that these experiences, among my other experiences in leadership positions, make me an extremely qualified candidate to continue my role as the COE Senator.
My plan, as mentioned above, is to continue to be a voice for my constituents, and be present within the college. Additionally, I want to promote SGA events and opportunities for learning and leadership growth, as these opportunities will help us become stronger educators and individuals. I also want to continue with my outreach programs and bring last years ideas to life so that to College of Education can develop stronger relationships and connections with one another, their senators, and professors and faculty.
Having served as Senator for the College of Education last year, I am well aware of the impact that Senate has the potential make on this campus. However, I feel as though this group is not always as impactful as we could be, which is partially caused by the fact that senate is such a new group on our campus. In it’s third year, I hope to see Senate have a stronger presence, and hope that the representatives act as such, and are visible for their constituents.