Benjamin Nick, 2nd Year

Major: Biology & Chemistry
Area of Residence: Delta Tau Delta
Campus Involvement:  Campus Crusade Exec Team, Delta Tau Delta Admin Team, Biology Club Treasurer, BUDM Committee Member, Lilly Scholars Network, Pre-Med Society

As an individual who is always looking for opportunities to make a difference in the communities of which I am apart of, I aspire to be a part of something bigger than myself so that I can make the most of the time I’ve been blessed with here at Butler. My reasons for applying for this position stem from my willingness to advocate for others and to serve the people that I learn with, work along side, and hold each other accountable for leading lives the Butler Way. Although I’ve never been involved with the SGA here at Butler, I think that I would serve as a determined senator who has a genuine understanding of the same struggles and triumphs that the members of the Liberal Arts & Sciences College face. I am willing to champion whatever complications or needs that may arise in regards to the Liberal Arts & Sciences college, while simultaneously understanding that the senate is so much bigger than just one idea, one person, and one college.
I think that my strongest gift is my ability to be a bridge builder between different groups of people. What I mean by that is that because I have had so many different positions (both in and out of the academic setting) as well as a multitude of experiences I can find something in common with almost anyone. Being able to identify with another individual is so important when it comes to promoting a healthy social and learning environment where everyone can hone in on and embrace their best versions of themselves. One aspect of my life that I think I could grow in is my willingness to get behind ideas that might not be in the best interest of everyone else around me. I often find myself becoming so excited about supporting another individual or group in their ambitions that I forget to critically think what the lasting impacts of various actions or proceedings could result in. Like anyone else, I’m flawed in so many more ways than this; but I think it’s being able to acknowledge where we fall short and be willing to work toward improving those imperfections that truly define who we are as a person.
I’ll be honest, at this exact moment in time I’m not entirely certain on what my goals are while serving in this position; Not because I lack creativity or drive, but because I intend my goals to derive from the needs of those who I represent in senate. I think that that having a no ceiling policy for what I hope to accomplish while serving in this position will help keep my mind open to the multitude of different needs and opinions that derive from the vast diversity that is the College of LAS. I think if I had to say one goal to achieve while serving in this position, it would be to let people know that their desires for change in their colleges and on campus are not fallacious ideas that could never happen. I think it’s important that
I think one thing I would personally like to see if more transparency with the budget and how the SGA allocates its funds. I know that large volumes of money move through the hands of the SGA throughout the course of an academic year, and as one of many thousands of students whose money is spent, I would like to see where it’s being allocated to.

Joseph Killion, 2nd Year

Major: International Studies / Political Science
Area of Residence: Ross
Campus Involvement:  Residential Assistant in Ross Hall, Student Conduct and Appeals Board, President of Model United Nations Club, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

My motivations in applying for this position stem mainly from my desire to spread ripples of genuine investment and dedication to bettering this campus through student led initiatives and programs. Butler students are notoriously over involved and over committed already. However, I believe that we all possess incredibly valuable insights on how to make this campus better and smarter for those to come.
I believe my greatest strength is flexibility, especially when it comes to absorbing other’s ideas. In serving as an RA, I need to be able to understand my residents in order to grow a unit – much as a Senator needs to understand their constituents in order to grow that community. There can never be true progress inside of an echo chamber where no outside ideas are presented. This is even more true for student government — the organization which shapes this campus for all of us. Only by understanding and appreciating individual backgrounds can one grow a strong and prosperous environment, and I believe I can do just that. My largest area for improvement is moderating my excitement and passions. I often am too quick to act or speak without considering the logistics behind a plan or how the small pieces are going to fall into place.
My main goal if elected to this position would be to increase awareness and support for some of the programs which get lost under the umbrella of LAS. There are so many amazing programs and professors which can and will positively impact this campus – the problem is giving them an opportunity to do so. This is also true when it comes to the students within LAS. Although I have immense appreciation for the pharmacists and investment bankers walking across campus, I believe that LAS is home to many of the next generation of changemakers and leaders on campus and I want to give them the platform to grow.
I think the most pressing issue for SGA, especially in the current political and social climate, is encouraging inclusion and opportunity for all. Even though we have things such as the “Butler Way” and “Ross Love” here on campus, it is clear that not all students feel as if these ideas apply to them. I would love to see an even stronger push towards promoting diverse ideas to all of our student body in a variety of forms.

Parker Hiday, 2nd Year

Major: Biochemistry
Area of Residence: Fairview
Campus Involvement: Chemistry Club, Biology Club, Club Curling, Delta Delta Delta, Intramural teams (wiffle ball, soccer, softball)

I’m motivated by change. Something’s in my life have recently changed quite a bit, and I feel the need to change as well. I’m hoping to become a more rounded person. I think I’m qualified because I have listened to what my friends here at Butler have said, and I have new ideas that could improve Butler for everyone.
I believe that my biggest strength is listening. I am able to hear what people are saying, and not only respond, but understand. My biggest area for growth would be speaking up. I have ideas, but I’m normally too shy to say them. I’m really trying to step out of my comfort zone and get to know my class and school better.
I just want to help people feel more at home, and feel recognized. When I was a first year I felt like no one really noticed me, and never reached out, so I want to be that helping hand. Not just to first years but to everyone. My main goal is to help people find their home here at Butler.
An area I see that needs improved is outreach. I know last year we had a few programs, but I never felt like I had enough information to get involved in SGA. I feel like we could do more than just emails, maybe set up a few dates that we stand outside of Starbucks and talk to people about SGA.

Ben Martella, 1st Year

Major: Exploratory Studies
Area of Residence: Ross Hall
Campus Involvement: I was recently elected Ross Hall president this year (its last year on Butler’s campus). This is an important position for me because Ross has done so much for me thus far in my college experience and I really want to give back to the residents by improving residence life and putting on events for the year. I also plan to start a campus wide campaign for “Ross Love” which will consist of random acts of kindness around campus and philanthropic events that benefit the community and give volunteer opportunities to the residents. I took a gap year to Argentina before college and was in many leadership positions that required me to speak in front of others in a foreign language about ways to improve the organization. This proved to be extremely challenging at first but after hard work with learning Spanish and some of the cultural differences, I was able to effectively communicate my ideas. I strongly believe that this skill set will translate into my success as a senator.

I am motivated to take upon the position of Senator because I strongly believe in the 2015 amendment that furthers the communication between the SGA board and student body. I believe that the best way to serve the students of Butler is to have effective communication with the group of people you are trying to serve. I will give the student body more of a voice in the Butler community. I believe I am qualified through previous experience while taking a gap-year in Argentina during my year as an exchange student. I had the opportunity to speak and get involved in international meetings through Rotary clubs. I am also very involved in the Ross Hall community and have made an effort to get to know the residents and their comments/concerns. I have a good understanding of what the community voice of the first-year class is about through talking and networking with people in the Ross community.
My greatest strength is my perseverance. I’ve been told several times that I’m incredibly resilient and have the ability to push through any sort of stress.
For example, this past summer I participated in a study abroad trip in archaeology. It was a taxing job, involving hours of monotonous digging and extreme weather conditions. In spite of this, however, I worked nearly a 40 hour work week in the blazing Greek heat. In addition, I’ve worked a job concurrently with classes every semester of university while averaging 19 credit hours.
My greatest area of growth would have to be my lack of confidence. I’ve always struggled with just being confident in my work, so that’s something I really need to work on.
If elected, my main goals would be to focus on the students and try my hardest to enact change when needed. I want to be an accomplice for the students who are struggling with certain issues within their departments and with their faculty. I also want to do my best to promote not only more diversity and inclusion within LAS, but among SGA as well.
Something that I believe SGA can improve upon would have to be diversity and inclusion. I believe there needs to be more of a focus on financing clubs that promote diversity and inclusion and I believe that SGA itself simply needs more diverse representatives.