Cole Mackey, 2nd Year

Major: Pharmacy/MBA
Area of Residence: Delta Tau Delta
Campus Involvement: Student Orientation Guide, True Blue Host, Bulldogs into the Streets Site Leader, Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Campus Crusade (Cru) Discussion Leader, Teacher Assistant – 2 General Chemistry labs

What particularly has drawn my interest to fulfilling this senator position is the ability that I would have to most effectively share the experiences of my peers and myself in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I have come to see that there are parts of the rigorous track that we as students are on that are fantastic and encouraging. I would love to expand the breadth of these experiences to everyone in the college. However, I have also realized parts of the track that are unbecoming of an ever-excelling pharmacy and health science program. Keeping an ear out for these problems while being eager to change is what will allow the greatest number of students to enjoy the COPHS experience. I believe that I am qualified for this position because of the integrity that I uphold in positions of leadership.
I see my greatest strength being empathy. Through my experiences volunteering, traveling, and investing myself in relationships with other people, I have been able to observe the positions that people have faced from his/her own point of view. My biggest area to grow in would probably be placing trust in the abilities of other people. I have always been someone that would take over a project if deadlines were close to being missed or end up taking over a role instead of holding a team member more responsible to predetermined roles.
The reason why I desire to run for senator is to increase the transparency and camaraderie between the pharmacy and health science classes. The last thing that we, as overachieving Butler students, want to do is limit ourselves. If I were elected for a senator seat for the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, I would first look towards increasing the college’s cross-class interactions. Specifically in the pharmacy program, myself and other students have found a lack of interaction between each pharmacy class. With the lack of events that bring multiple classes in COPHS together, there is a deficit in the amount of peer-to-peer interactions and networking opportunities. Other than holding events that involve pharmacy and health science students from every class, I would love to catalyze a COPHS-specific, peer-to-peer mentoring opportunity for those in the college. This would comfortably help guide along those students who may find themselves stuck in such a demanding course schedule.
I believe that SGA has a great handle on its current operations. SGA may be able to benefit from increasing their commitment to catering to the desires of students. This involves maintaining transparency with what is occurring on campus and also the plans that are currently being formulated for the future of Butler University.

Alessandra (Ali) Thompson, 4th Year

Major: Pharmacy/Business
Area of Residence: Off-campus housing
Campus Involvement:  BASO since Freshman year, BUSF freshman and sophomore year, AOC/BBB-ISBVI/True Blue host freshman year, PPEDS/BUCOP volunteer – junior year, BUDM participant since freshman year and this year I will be on the Riley Relation’s committee

Throughout my time at Butler, I have been apart of a lot of great clubs and participated in activities that would not be possible without the help of SGA. That being said, I would love to give back as a representative for my academic college. As a senior, I am looking to vamp up my leadership experience so that I can go into the workforce more prepared. I also will be on campus next year and won’t have these opportuinites so I am trying to take advantage of them while I can!
I think my greatest strength is my people skills. I have always loved getting to know people and knowing what makes them tick. I’ve been told I am a great listener and that stems from my genuine interest in other people’s well being and doing whatever I can to be of service to them. My biggest area of growth is learning how not to micromanage. I have a love for knowledge that sometimes manifests itself as micromanaging people because I like to be involved and give advice. I am learning to let that go and trust others to do their job.
If elected, my first goal would be to figure out what the needs of COPHS are and how I can serve as a liasion to SGA to help achieve those goals. The Pharmacy program is in quite a transition period after getting rid of clusters and there has been a lot of great dialogue from the students and faculty about their wants and needs and I would like to continue that dialogue as a senate member. I would also like the needs of the college as a whole to be heard among all the changes happening on campus since health sciences plays such a crutial role in society and therefore should be properly represented within the Butler community.
I think one area would be getting involvement from more than just the usual people. What I mean by that is that you see a lot of the same faces year after year in different positions within SGA. I am not at all saying that those who deserve it most should not get these positions if they deserve them, but there is a stigma that if you don’t know anyone on SGA that you won’t be on SGA if you apply for a position after freshman year. So I think trying to be more inclusive to new faces would be an area of improvement for SGA.

Megan Carr, 4th Year

Major: Pharmacy/Business
Area of Residence: Off-campus housing
Campus Involvement: Kappa Alpha Theta, BUDM committee, Pharmacy Intern at CVS

I am looking to be more involved in campus activities since it is my senior year at Butler! Since I have been here for 3 years already, I feel like I have the experience and knowledge necessary to be in this position. I understand concerns my peers have and am willing to communicate those issues to make Butler the best it can be.
I am quite social. I believe that I have the ability to create a stronger community of care because I am able to interact with new people and form a bond immediately. My biggest area to grow is in the field of listening. I have often been one sided in my views politically and have struggled to see the other side. I believe that being able to remain neutral through decisions will help to better both parties.
I know I can bring a positive attitude, new perspective, and be a voice to represent COPHS well. I hope to learn more about other issues around campus and be more involved in the steps taken to fix those problems.
An area of improvement for SGA are the Marketing/Advertising opportunities and events around campus.