Sydney Thompson, Second-Year

Major: Marketing
Minor: Political Science
Area of Residence: Commuter
Campus Involvement: Marketing Committee for BUDM, College democrats, and Lifeguard at HRC
To represent the small fraction of people who are commuters, who I believe are relatively unspoken for on campus. As a commuter, it is hard to make connections to the Butler community and get involved as much as those living on campus, and I hope that I could make their experiences commuting better. I am qualified for this position as I have had roles working in profession business setting, so I know how to work productively and to act professional. Additionally, I have had experience in leadership roles, I was president of the International club and Orchestra and captain of the Rugby team in high school, so I know how to communicate with my peers in represent them in a role of power. I also have experience reading and interpreting legislation through my past internship at EmployIndy where I was a legislation intern.
My greatest strength is communication, both written and verbal. I know how to talk to people of all ages and of all backgrounds. I can talk to my peers and then relay that to people of authority and power, and the other way around. My biggest area of growth is my confrontation skills. I can handle stressful situations and work to deescalate them, but I have trouble with telling people no.
To better the college experience for Butler commuter students, and the student body as a whole. Writing legislation to better the Butler community.
Reaching out to students that do not live on campus

Marissa Klingler, First-Year

Major: Art Administration
Area of Residence: Commuter
Campus Involvement: I was in Community Service club all four years of high school. I was an NHS Member Junior and Senior year. I was a member of the Teen Arts Council at the Indianapolis Museum of Art throughout Senior year and set up events with the museum.
My motivation for applying is to represent commuters, as I feel that at times, we can feel sort of isolated from other people. I am qualified because I am obviously a commuter myself and I want to see other commuters being a part of the community and benefitting from being represented. I know the concerns of not living on campus because I am going through it myself.
My greatest strength would be my commitment to something once I start it. I take responsibility for the position and take keeping up with it very seriously. My biggest area to grow is in being more outspoken, as I am naturally more introverted, but I work to grow as a leader everyday.
My goal would be to make sure that commuters feel included in the Butler community because we are just as part of the Butler family as every other student who lives on campus. Even though this is true, there is a type of separation that stems from not living where everyone else is. I want to close that gap. For example, I have missed a few events on campus already because I was not aware that they were going on. One of my plans would involve preventing this type of miscommunication of events among commuters, as we are not as reminded of social events- like sports games- as other students. I would also like to create a commuter newsletter as an outlet for information and opportunities.
To be completely honest, I’m not quite sure what the weak areas of SGA are because I haven’t been exposed to it before.