Nicholas R. Adams, First-Year

Major: Psychology/Sociology
Area of Residence: Ross
I want to be able to support my fellow peers in the decisions we make as a class. I am willing to stand up for the rights that my fellow classmates believe.
I am quite social. I believe that I have the ability to create a stronger community of care because I am able to interact with new people and form a bond immediately. My biggest area to grow is in the field of listening. I have often been one sided in my views politically and have struggled to see the other side. I believe that being able to remain neutral through decisions will help to better both parties.
To be the face and voice of my class. I wish to be the one that can share in the hard decision making and come to the best outcome for everyone.
I believe that SGA is an amazing community of care, but from the few interactions I have had I believe that there is room to grow in connecting all students on the same level.

Hannah Burry, First-Year

Major: Exploratory Studies
Area of Residence: Residential College 
Campus Involvement: I attended a school of 1600 and was able to maintain the position of class president for 4 years. During this time, I organized fundraisers for the funding of events such as prom and Christmas dances. I also led and supervised the events during set up and tear down. I became very involved with these events and spent countless hours organizing, planning, and decorating for the event. Also, as senior class president, I was responsible for communicating with the principal about a class gift. My class ended up raising $8,000+ dollars that we used to buy several gifts in memory of the Class of 2017. I also gave 3 speeches, each in length of 5-15 minutes, for my graduation. I absolutely love public speaking because of it! In high school, I also served as a committee chair in my student council for 4 years where I helped lead and organize events such as Homecoming, Operation Hot Mess (a day where students went into the community to help keep the city of Evansville beautiful and clean), Operation Christmas Child, packing Thanksgiving baskets, Red Cross Blood drives, and much more. My job during Homecoming all 4 years was to order flowers for the winners and the court, organize rides for the court to ride around the track, and set up and clean up for the event. My senior year I was fortunate enough to be on the court and I even was awarded Princess. However, that did not stop me from helping my peers organize the event just like I did the 3 previous years. I also held many other leadership positions, for example Concert Choir President (senior year), Concert Choir Secretary (junior year), and Concert Choir Sophomore Representative). In these roles, I organized retreats, designed t-shirts, sent daily reminders, and did behind the scenes work for the director before concerts. Also in choir I held the position of Alto section leader for 2 years where I was in charge of 20 girls. I helped these wonderful girls learn and grow within their own music ability so that they could gain confidence and independency. My senior year I was also awarded the Arion-Kiwanis award for my leadership and ability. Also within my school, I held the position of National Honor Society Secretary where I took notes and attendance, organized service options, spoke at many events, and much more. I was also a member of the varsity tennis team for 4 years where I won many awards such as MVP, Mental Attitude Award, and Most Improved Award. I also was named 1st and 2nd team all city (junior and senior year), as well as all-city academic all 4 years. In addition, I was awarded the Kiwanis award winner and tennis captain. I also participated in a program called KIK through my tennis academy. I played my role, Kids Instructing Kids, for 4+ years, and I helped teach children from ages 2-18 the game of tennis. It was a great way to incorporate my passion of tennis and leading in one job. I also served in my church cafe for several years to help raise money for mission trips to Uganda, Haiti, and other locations.

I am motivated to apply for this position because I have a passion for being involved, leading, and making a difference. Being involved and making a difference make me feel as if I am serving a bigger purpose in this world. Leadership is a huge quality of mine and it motivates me each and every day to make a difference within my friend groups, clubs, and even my community. I love looking up to my role models because they have made me into the person I am today. I only hope I can be this presence for others around me, thus motivating me to help make this community better for my fellow Bulldogs. I feel that I am qualified for this position because I have been in major leading roles, such as Class President for 4 years, Concert Choir President, Student Council Committee chair, and much more. I am fully committed to everything I set my mind to. Therefore, I am very trustworthy, responsible, honest, hard working, and dependable. I want to make Butler University a unified campus and I think that my role as a First-Year Student is to help make that dream of mine a reality.
I believe I have two great strengths and they include being an achiever and individualization. I always aim high and never give up even after my goal is achieved. I continue to build on my success in order to benefit those around me. Individualization is also a strength of mine because I can see everyone around me and find a way to fit their different personalities into the big picture. I strive to have everyone work and come together for a common goal, no matter how different they are. I created a slogan for my choir last year and it said, “In our puzzle, every piece contributes the same amount to complete the big picture”. I believe everyone has a special role and or talent to contribute and that is what makes this campus so unique and diverse. Therefore, I believe that those strengths of mine are both great. My biggest area to grow would have to be take more risks. I generally stay within the lines in everything I do, but I do believe it is okay to take risks every now and then.
If elected I plan to promote unity among the residential halls. I think that each residential hall is by itself with a few individuals floating between them. I would like to bring everyone together and wash away the label of where we live. We all attend a great school and we are more similar than we think. I think it’s time to get rid of the labels of where you live so that we can focus on meeting new people and creating new relationships. One of my goals is to have more activities for first-year students that live within Resco and Ross beyond welcome week so that we can make more connections. Welcome week is full of great activities as well as sad moments because we are leaving behind our families to start our new chapter. Welcome week goes by in a blur and I think that it would be a great idea to have more opportunities for First-Years to actually meet people instead of introducing themselves and to then forget the other student’s name 5 minutes later. I hope to be a leader to other students and a positive role model for future Bulldogs. I want to make a difference in this community now because it truly matters to me.
I believe that SGA could improve promotion of upcoming events by first allowing students to participate in a poll or some other voting system. This would increase the hype and get the students excited that they were involved in picking a great and fun event or activity. By involving the whole student body of Butler University, SGA would help promote unity among the diverse groups, clubs, Greek life, and other organizations.

Dave Thompson, First-Year

Major: Business Marketing & Strategic Communications
Area of Residence: Residential College
Campus Involvement: Vice President of the student council, treasurer for my class office, captain of the swim team, captain of the cross country team, participant on the soccer and track teams as well, four year member of show choir, active in all school musicals.
I have a strong desire to become the senator of the first year class because I have a passion for instigating positive change and bringing people together, two opportunities that I would have if elected senator. Though Butler is a remarkable place, there is always room for improvement, and I would love to have a hand in continuously improving this beautiful campus. Additionally, I believe that unity as a class is incredibly important for both current and future prosperity for any given class. While merely feeling included and known will lead to happiness now, a plethora of relationships and connections may prove to be key in professional situations in years to come. I believe that creating events to bring the class of ’21 together will be vital in accomplishing such unity.
I feel as though I am qualified due to my enthusiastic, personable, can-do attitude, as well as my heart for helping others. I truly want this campus to be the very best it can be, and I know that SGA has the ability to help Butler become just that! As far as experience, I have served as Vice President of the student council at my high school, as well as treasurer of my class for multiple years!
My greatest strength is my attitude and willingness to do anything and everything possible in order to accomplish a task in the best way possible. I am efficient, enthusiastic, and always excited to learn from, teach, and work with others. I absolutely thrive off of human interaction. As for my biggest area to grow, I can often times become too detail oriented and can get stuck on certain aspects of a situation in pursuit of perfect, thus not being as timely as is best.
I feel very passionate about the environment, and while Butler has made clear efforts to become a greener campus, there is still room for improvements. Not only more recycling bins (primarily in the dorms), but also better marked recycling bins with clearer instructions. Unfortunately, it is a little known fact that just a few foul items in a recycling bin and ruin the entire batch, thus sending it to the landfill. I hope to be able to change this and perhaps create proper signage above all recycling bins to better clarify what is and what isn’t acceptable.
Also, as stated before, I plan to organize several events in order to unify the class as much as possible. The more that cliques can be disbanded and the more we can all come together as one, the better; this will truly be the core of my mission as a senator. This will be done through a series of fun events and fundraisers for the class!
Environmental awareness and diversity are both areas of improvement here at Butler, and I’m confident that SGA could be a key player in helping solve such problems.

Matthew Thomas, First-Year

Major: Psychology/Political Science
Area of Residence: Ross Hall
Campus Involvement: Throughout high school I was involved in variety of sports, clubs, and activities. I was on the varsity football team and varsity track throwing team. I participated in Environmental Club, Atlas Club (diversity education), Welcoming Warrior’s Club (new student orientation) and SGA, I also received a HOBY leadership award and completed a HOBY seminar program. Lastly, I participated in numerous local, state, district, and national competitions with my school’s distinguished Speech and Debate Program throughout the entire school year.
Coming from a very diverse area in South Carolina, one of my goals as the freshman student senator would be to work on diversity inclusion and to promote the beliefs of our founder, Ovid Butler. My qualifications include leadership experience as captain of my high school’s track team, team leader on a six time state championship speech and debate team, previous experience on SGA as a freshman in high school, and many volunteer experiences over several years. Not only am I very organized, trustworthy, hardworking, and friendly but I am a good listener ready to help. I take great pride in my work and stay true to my word when given.
My greatest strength is that I make an effort to get to know anyone and everyone. I love meeting new people and surrounding myself with people of different backgrounds in order to educate myself to the differences and similarities of those around me. I am extremely good at communicating with others in a very positive and encouraging way. An area of growth for me would be to become better at delegating responsibility to others. Sometimes I find it difficult to relinquish some tasks and choose to finish them on my own. Fortunately, my job this past summer taught me a great deal of how to assign others a specific task and then following up with them to ensure that the work was done properly.
Personally, I would love to see Butler build on its already admirable stance on diversity. We are a school of inclusivity and I would like to continue to build on our school’s endeavor to promote diversity for all students. I would like the opportunity to assist in bringing Butler to its fullest potential in this arena. SGA is such a crucial aspect to this endeavor in promoting and encouraging this type of positive behavior. I would continue this through my actions but also by reaching out to new freshman to give things a try and become involved. I would break down the barriers that keep people apart and show them we are more alike than different.
Despite being a freshman and being here for 3 weeks, the people and activities of SGA has been phenomenal and so welcoming that I want to be a part of it. Not only do I want to continue this positive work but I also want to build on it by reaching out to others with detailed communication for students and intercommunication with other organizations to make Butler better than ever. Exchanging ideas and working together benefits everyone.