Jarrod Koester, Second-year

Major: History and Political Science
Area of Residence: Sigma Nu
Campus InvolvementI am a member of the Honors Program, Lilly Scholars Network, Sigma Nu fraternity, student senate (2016-2017), and Run Club.
As a member of a fraternity on campus I am motivated to represent not only the members of my fraternity, but all fraternities on campus. I feel that I am open minded and have a strong sense of responsibility, which qualify me for this position because I will need to keep all fraternities in mind when input is needed from fraternity members. I was also a senator last year and, therefore, feel very comfortable with my ability to represent a large, diverse group of Butler students.
My greatest strength is my ability to work well with others. As a student senator, I will not only need to work with my constituents to voice their opinions and work towards what is best for them, but also with my fellow senators in meetings while we make decisions that impact the entire campus community. My biggest area to grow would be time management. In college it is difficult to balance your free time, schoolwork, and involvement on a day-to-day schedule. However, I work on this every day and keep a detailed schedule to make sure I am always organized and never overbooked.
If elected as a fraternity senator, I plan to improve outreach among all of the fraternities and work towards a collaborative way to solve any problems and answer any concerns. With a new fraternity on campus this year, I would also like to meet the new members and help them feel included, fairly represented, and cared for in the Butler community. Another of my goals would be hosting outreach events that allow members from all fraternities to come together. I will also send monthly newsletters to my constituents to keep them informed of current events and decisions being made on campus. With my experience from senate last year, I feel confident that I will be able to achieve these goals.
One improvement I see for SGA is the student awareness of senate and what the senators do. Last year, many students were unaware of what senate was and what happened at the meetings. Having small meetings where students are able to watch how meetings work and listen to some of the decisions that student senate makes would be one potential way to improve this.

George Sommers, Second-year

Major: Finace
Area of Residence: Delta Tau Delta
Campus Involvement: Cru Leadership team member, Club soccer member, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, BITS
One of the major motivations for applying for a Fraternity Senator role is that I want to make sure the Fraternities have a voice on campus, and ensure that students realize that Fraternity members are valuable members of Butler’s campus. I feel that I have a good connection with not only the members of my fraternity, but also the members of all fraternities on campus. Because of my relationship with the fraternities on campus I feel that I can represent them well.
I would consider one of my greatest strengths my charisma and approachability. I strive to be a person that is not intimidating in any way, and a person that people enjoy talking to. I feel that these attributes could help me represent a group of people and make sure all opinions are heard. One of my biggest areas to grow would be open-mindedness. Often I can form an opinion, and stick with that opinion regardless of how much people try and sway me. This is one of the reasons that I would like to join SGA because I want to be able to improve, and not only listen to people, but also really take their opinions seriously and be able to look at things from other people’s perspectives.
One of my main goals in this position would be to try and give SGA a different perspective specifically on Fraternities. Fraternities can sometimes have a bad stigma around them, and students and administration can perceive them to be not important to the campus in general, and I would like to make sure that people see that Fraternities are a vital part to the success of the Butler community.
As far as from a Fraternity perspective, I think that the administration and the fraternities aren’t always on the same page. Likewise, I feel that the Campus needs to find an identity for the fraternities on Butler’s campus and what direction we want to go with them.