Nick Bentz, Second-Year

Major: Ballet Pedagogy
Area of Residence: Delta Tau Delta
Campus Involvement: I am currently a member of Butler Ballet and an active brother of Delta Tau Delta fraternity.

Preserving the arts is one of my foremost priorities in my life as I see the arts as being essential to the human experience. I want to make the arts have a larger voice on this campus and make experiencing the arts more inclusive to the entire student body.

My greatest strength is definitely my ability to hear many sides. I am very ambitious when I want something but I am careful not to let my passion and drive keep me from trying to understand other points of view.

As I said before, I want to give the arts a stronger voice on campus. For the most part, the Jordan College of the Arts is very removed and isolated from the rest of campus both socially and academically. I am determined to help bring the arts into a greater position within the student body because I believe that arts students can benefit greatly from being more involved on campus and likewise students belonging to other colleges can equally benefit from exposure to the arts.

I believe SGA should be more accessible to students. There seems to be a consensus in the student body that SGA is an unseen being that controls the happenings of campus. I would like to break down that barrier and show the student body that SGA is theirs, for them, and with them.