Chief Justice

Currently: Alex Spanenberg

The Student Body Chief Justice is appointed by the Student Body President and serves an unlimited term length.  They oversee the Judicial Branch and chair the proceedings of the Student Body Supreme Court, which includes all petitions, appeals, and hearings. They also work with student leaders to ensure that SGA is transparent and is effectively serving the student body.


Associate Justices

Current Associate Justices

  • – Jannai Bates
  • – Nicole Keller
  • – Natalie Schuler
  • – David Sexton
  • – (Vacant)
  • – (Vacant)

Associate Justices are appointed by the Student Body President and serve for a term length set by the President.  There are three 1-year seats and three 2-year seats. Associate Justices make up the Student Body Supreme Court and rule on all proceedings.  They also take the lead on certain responsibilities in the branch, such as elections and the various proceedings.

Court Clerk

Currently: (Vacant)

The Court Clerk is appointed by the Chief Justice to aid the Chief Justice in administration of the Judicial Branch and the Student Body Supreme Court.  They manage all logistics and communications of the branch. They also manage the SGA Archives to ensure smooth leadership transitions of Executive Branch and Legislative Branch Leadership.