Chief Justice

Currently: Alex Spanenberg

Alexander L. Spanenberg, Class of 2024, is a dual degree student pursuing a Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).  This is Alex’s second year on the court and he serves as the inaugural Chief Justice of the Butler University Student Government Association.

At Butler, Alex started his student government involvement as the Student Senator for the Residential College and chaired the Election Oversight Committee (before it was incorporated into the Judicial Branch).  Alex also serves as the Treasurer of the Butler University Chapter of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and serves on the Legislative & Regulatory Council of the Indiana Pharmacists Association.  Alex is also a member of the Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity, the American Society of Pharmacy Law, and the Butler University MBA Association.  Alex hopes to incorporate his interest in policy into a nontraditional pharmacy role once he graduates.

Outside of his studies, Alex enjoys his free time volunteering with the Boy Scouts as an adult leader, serves as a Precinct Committeeman for his local precinct, and loves to play cornhole.


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Associate Justices

Associate Justices are appointed by the Student Body President and serve for a term length set by the President.  There are three 1-year seats and three 2-year seats. Associate Justices make up the Student Body Supreme Court and rule on all proceedings.  They also take the lead on certain responsibilities in the branch, including legislative oversight, financial oversight, conduct, and elections.

Amelia Ball

Jannai Bates

Rossell Brewer

Elizabeth Jira


Jackson Procise

Katie Stanley

Court Clerk

Currently: Kayla Miller

The Court Clerk is appointed by the Chief Justice to aid the Chief Justice in administration of the Judicial Branch and the Student Body Supreme Court.  They manage all logistics and communications of the branch. They also manage the SGA Archives to ensure smooth leadership transitions of Executive Branch and Legislative Branch Leadership.