Appeals & Petitions

Below are the following petitions and appeals that are offered by the Student Body Supreme Court.  Please visit the links below to learn more about these proceedings. Please visit the SGA Judicial Branch Rules and Procedures to learn more.  If you encounter any difficulties navigating these appeals and petitions, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SGA Judicial Branch at

Senate Grant Appeals

This appeal is to be utilized by student organizations that do not receive the full amount they have asked for or did not receive a grant at all from Student Senate.


Student Organization Endorsement Appeal

This appeal is to be utilized by student organizations who were not endorsed by the SGA Student Senate and believe they should become a Registered Student Organization (RSO). 


Wrongful Conduct of an SGA Member Evidence Submission

This form is to be utilized by all members of the university that have misconduct evidence to report against an SGA member that has violated the SGA Code of Conduct.

The SGA Code of Conduct is the following:

  1. All SGA members shall respect the opinions of fellow Student Senators, Executives, Board of Directors, board members, Supreme Court Justices, and guests.
  2. All SGA members shall promote an atmosphere of professionalism and courtesy in all meetings in which they are participating.
  3. All SGA members shall follow the policies set forth by the SGA constitution, these bylaws, and University policies and procedures. 

Note that this is not the official university bias report or the sexual misconduct report.  You can find links to those reports below:

Butler University Bias Report

Butler University Sexual Misconduct Report

Universal Petition

This petition is used to file a suit against an entity within SGA, challenge the validity of a section of the constitution or bylaws, or challenge the constitutionality of an executive order of senate resolution.


SGA General Member Removal Appeal

This appeal is to be utilized by an SGA member that believes they were wrongfully removed from the organization.


SGA Senator Absence Appeal

This appeal is to be utilized by Student Senators that missed Senate and believe that their absence should have been excused.


Friendly Edits to the SGA Bylaws

This form is to be utilized by SGA members and students that believe that a certain wording of the SGA Bylaws needs to be changed.


SGA Anonymous Complaint Form

This form is to be utilized by those that wish to submit comments and concerns about SGA anonymously.