Join Our Team!

So you’re interested in a position on SGA? That’s awesome! Check out the various applications and descriptions below, to figure out which SGA Board is most appealing to you. Butler SGA is a pretty big organization; we are sure that you’ll be able to find a position that’s fun, utilizes your talents, and will help you grow as an individual. If you have a question about a board, feel free to email and we will help you kickstart your involvement in SGA.

Service & Philanthropy Board

The Service and Philanthropy Board is comprised of key leadership from the three philanthropic organizations that SGA sponsors: Bulldogs in the Streets (BITS), Butler Ambassadors for Special Olympics (BASO), and Butler University Dance Marathon (BUDM). Bulldogs in the Streets is a campus-wide day of service usually held on one of the first weekends of the school year. On this day, Over one thousand students, faculty members, alumni and other Butler community members go out into the Indianapolis area and other places around the country to serve at a plethora of organizations and sites. Butler Ambassadors for Special Olympics is a student organization within SGA that The Service and Philanthropy board also hosts several smaller service projects throughout the year. In addition, the board is a resource to all student organizations with a philanthropic focus. Service and Philanthropy hosts the Service Summit— an annual event that allows service-based organizations to learn how to plan and execute more intentional, goal-driven events and make a greater impact.

Marketing & Communications Board

Put your knowledge to good use by joining the Marketing and Communications board of Butler SGA. The Marketing and Communications board (often referred to as MarCom) is a team of students who put their skills to use by helping Butler SGA better communicate with the student body. We are looking for students who value working as a team to continue to cultivate a transparent relationship between Butler SGA and the student body.

Program Board

SGA’s Program Board serves the student body through a variety of different activities and events, both on and off Butler’s campus. As a member of Program Board, you will have the opportunity to work with your co-chair(s) and advisor to serve the interest of all students.

Diversity & Inclusion Board

The Diversity & Inclusion Board aims to educate the people of Butler University on issues of race, ethnicity, spirituality, gender, and sexuality–and much more–and to provide programming to address these aspects of diversity. DIB aims to help Butler celebrate, respect, and understand our differences to ultimately bring us closer together as a community.


The SGA Student Senate is comprised of 40 students. Senators organize and plan various events on campus to promote unity and bonding within the members of their demographics. Each senator represents either an academic college, class, or residential housing community. This allows for all Butler students to be represented 3 times within Senate. Senators earn their position by applying, campaigning and participating in the campus-wide election, in which all Butler students can vote. Senate meetings are held weekly to discuss any current topics, issues, and projects occurring within SGA and on campus. Votes for important, even controversial, topics and issues are also held during these meetings. While all SGA board and directors are accessible to students, Student Senate is the closest link for Butler students to SGA because of its equal representation of all aspects of the university.