So you’re interested in a position on SGA?  That’s awesome!  Check out the various applications and descriptions below, to figure out which SGA Board is most appealing to you. Butler SGA is a pretty big organization; we are sure that you’ll be able to find a position that’s fun, utilizes your talents, and will help you grow as an individual.


SGA Candidates 2018

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Student Initiatives Board

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The Student Initiatives Board (SIB) is a liaison for bringing student concerns to Butler administration. This board is made up of five separate committees, which develop projects throughout the year in various areas of interests: Academic Affairs, Diversity Education & Advocacy, Student Life, Student Services, and Operations. SIB has a reputable relationship with numerous faculty, staff, and administrators on campus, and uses these relationships in order to improve student life. Academic Affairs has worked on “The Game of LIFE” event, end-of-semester course evaluations, and advising. Operations has worked on lighting, recycling, and parking around campus. Student Life has worked on study spaces, campus maps, dining, and improving the commuter student experience. Education and Advocacy are working on the Diversity Center, diversity programs for Greek organizations, and additional programs on inclusion. Student Services has worked on counseling services programs, ID card access, Fair Trade, and campus dining concerns.

Finance Board

No applications currently available.

Finance Board allocates funding to student organizations on campus, with means of improving the student life at Butler. Finance Board provides budget oversight of the entire SGA budget, educates the general public over basic topics in finance, and awards grants to student organizations. Student organizations can request a grant through our SGA website (link to grant page). This year the finance board has completely restructured its matrix. A matrix serves as a guide to allocating funds to student organizations. The previous matrix, which has been used for years, was not flexible and restricted the Finance’s board ability to fund student organizations what they really deserve. With the implementation of the matrix this year, Finance board will be able to reward organizations for going above and beyond and making a genuine impact on the Butler community as well as the surrounding community. Going forward, the Finance board will be able to more adequately allocate funds to student organizations that demonstrate a clear need. This year finance board has also doubled funding into the Diversity and Inclusion Board (DIB) category. By doing this, the board is trying to align its goals with the overall strategic goals of Butler University and trying to make this campus more diverse. With these changes, Finance board hopes to be more active in playing a role in enhancing the student experience at Butler.

Program Board

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The Program Board organizes free and entertaining events for students. The board is divided into several different committees that organize and plan a variety of events over the course of the year: Films, Late Night, Internal Programming, Out and About, Podium Expressions, and Special Events. Program Board provides students with the opportunity to partake in a range of social events — from visiting cultural landmarks around Indianapolis and watching late night movies on campus, to dining at five-star restaurants and celebrating Homecoming. One of the Programming Board’s largest events of the year is Butlerpalooza, an annual concert performed by a big-name artist on Butler’s campus.

Marketing & Communications Board

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The Marketing + Communications Board (MarCom) spreads awareness of upcoming SGA events and projects to the student body. MarCom manages several committees, which make up it’s in-house promotion: Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media, Videography, Writing, Website. MarCom creatively unifies the SGA brand and provides announcements to the student body. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram— and sign up for the Carillon, our weekly newsletter. This year, MarCom has completely renewed SGA’s website (, as it now includes a section for upcoming events and a newsroom for SGA’s upcoming projects. MarCom is also pushing to interview members of SGA for social media to make their faces and presence more well-known and familiar around campus.

Diversity and Inclusion Board

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The Diversity + Inclusion  Board (DIB) acts as a voice of justice for students. DIB educates the Butler community about identity, improves inclusion, and cultivates an open-minded environment for all students. DIB has several committees, which are : Diversity Education and Advocacy, Gender and Sexuality, Race Ethnicity and Spirituality, and Special Events. DIB has a special place on campus dedicated entirely to the board: the Diversity Center, which is located in the basement of Atherton Union, next to C Club. DIB also organizes Taste of Diversity, which are events held periodically that allow Butler students to sample and taste food from a variety of regions and countries of the world. Through programming and campaigns, DIB strives to spread an appreciation for respecting differences in others.


No positions currently open.

The SGA Student Senate is comprised of 32 student senators. Senators organize and plan various events on campus to promote unity and bonding within the members of their demographics. Each represents either an academic college, class, or residential housing community, therefore, every single Butler student is represented three times. The senators are members of and have a duty to represent a specific demographic of Butler.  Each senator earned his or her position in SGA through applying, campaigning, and participating in a campus-wide election in which Butler students vote. Senate meetings are held weekly to discuss any current topics, issues, and projects occurring within SGA and on campus. Votes for important, even controversial, topics and issues occur during senate meetings as well. Student Senate is the closest link for Butler students to SGA due to the equal representation of all aspects of the university, but all other officers and boards are also accessible to other students.

The SGA Student Senate is comprised of 32 Student Senators who represent the entire student body. Each student on this campus is represented in three ways: their academic college, their class year, and their residence. Each constituency is represented by two Senators who are responsible for outreach

Service and Philanthropy Board

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The Service and Philanthropy Board is comprised of key leadership from the three philanthropic organizations that SGA sponsors: Bulldogs in the Streets (BITS), Butler Ambassadors for Special Olympics (BASO), and Butler University Dance Marathon (BUDM). Bulldogs in the Streets is a campus-wide day of service usually held on one of the first weekends of the school year. On this day, Over one thousand students, faculty members, alumni and other Butler community members go out into the Indianapolis area and other places around the country to serve at a plethora of organizations and sites. Butler Ambassadors for Special Olympics is a student organization within SGA that The Service and Philanthropy board also hosts several smaller service projects throughout the year. In addition, the board is a resource to all student organizations with a philanthropic focus. Service and Philanthropy hosts the Service Summit— an annual event that allows service-based organizations to learn how to plan and execute more intentional, goal-driven events and make a greater impact.