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Jimmy Lardin: SGA President

Hometown: Shelbyville, IN
Major: Political Science
Minors: English, Ethics, Environmental Studies, and Peace and Conflicts Studies
Most likely to be found:  Pretending to do homework at Starbucks and socializing instead. 
Fun fact: With the exception of the Presidential race, I met every candidate I voted for in the 2016 US election.
First thing you like to know about people when you meet them: Their Hogwarts House
Waffles or Pancakes? This is clearly a controversial question intended to cause trouble but research shows that waffles are scientifically better.
Favorite thing/piece in your room: Traditional Sikkim Scarves that my Indian host family gave me during my summer study abroad, or my MLK Poster.
Favorite Butler memory: It’s a tie between 1) marching through campus with over 350 students, staff, and Butler community members in the Muslim Student Association’s Unity Walk in April 2017, or 2) a week into Spring Semester Sophomore year when a professor I met a year and a half prior signed me up for a class called “PO: 400, The Politics of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games” because she remembered they were my favorite book series from our single conversation.
Campus involvement:  Senator for 2 years, Student Orientation Guide for 2 years then Student Orientation Coordinator, Greek Life, Fall Alternative Break Education and Reflection Co-chair, Butler Student Ambassador, BU Political Co-Founder and Vice President

Colton Junod: Vice President of Student Initiatives

Hometown: Vincennes, Indiana
Double Major: Biology, Biochemistry
Most likely to be found:  Downtown at Eskenazi Health where I volunteer in the Emergency Dept and Trauma Center.
Career Aspiration: Emergency Medicine Physician
Fun fact:  My legal first name is actually Joseph.
Song you jam to in the car: TSwift (new and old)
Superpower you wish you had: Invisibility
Favorite Butler memory:  Traveling with one of my biology classes to Belize for Spring Break. We snorkeled all week and even took underwater exams!
Campus involvement:  Student Government Association, RA in ResCo, Butler University Student Foundation (BUSF), One Butler: The Brain Project, Pre-Med Society

Ryan Cultice: Vice President of Finance

Hometown: Warsaw, Indiana
Double Major: Accounting and Finance 
Most likely to be found:  In the science library listening to old school Taylor Swift.
Fun fact:  I was born on September 11!
Name of your own reality tv show: You can’t make this stuff up
Superpower you wish you had: telepathy
Favorite thing/piece in your room: Taylor swift poster, duh
Favorite Butler memory:  Getting the opportunity to do a short term study abroad to London, Amsterdam and Paris. 
Campus involvement:  Student Government Association, Butler Board of Investors, Butler Student Ambassador, Lacy School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board, Butler University Honors Program

Taylor Leslie: Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Hometown: Portage, IN
Major(s)/Minor(s): Major: International Business Minor: Political Science
Most likely to be found:  In the Diversity Center!
Fun fact:  I own a record player and a nice collection of vinyls.
Superpower you wish you had: Time travel!
Favorite Butler memory:  Participating in social activism events on campus such as our organized protests for the Black Lives Matter movement and our MLK Day Love Walk!
Campus involvement: SGA, Residential Assistant in Fairview, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, INC., Bust the B.U.B.B.L.E.

Kaitlyn Sawin: Director of Service and Philanthropy

Hometown: Appleton, WI
Major: Marketing
Minor: Strategic Communications, Spanish
Most likely to be found:  At Hubbards & Cravens working on homework and drinking a Medium Carmilla Latte.
Fun fact:  I have a black belt in karate, but my two biggest fears are earthworms and bananas
Favorite Butler memory:  Introducing Kesha at ButlerPalooza 2016, hanging out backstage during the concert, then having to get her a bag of ice after the show because she hit herself in the head while playing her drum full of glitter.
Campus involvement:  Ambassadors of Change Student Coordinator, BITS Site Leader, Fall Alternative Break Finance Co-Chair, Alpha Kappa Psi, Greek Life, University Honors Program, Scholars for the Advancement of Business Leadership

Kaylynn Cline: Director of Programming

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Major: Digital Media Production
Minor: Critical Communication & Media Studies
Most likely to be found:  Wherever Trip is.
Fun fact: Last year I won the opportunity to be on a game show that was aired on ESPN. I got to compete with two of my friends from Butler, and while we were taping we had multiple days to explore the city of Chicago.
Favorite Butler memory:  My favorite Butler memory is being involved in the production of Concert Committee events during my time here. I have been honored to help host many talented artists on this campus, such as Kesha, Parachute, T-Pain, and X Ambassadors. I love working behind the scenes at each event, and am looking forward to our upcoming shows!
Campus involvement:  Previously: Student Orientation Guide, College Mentors for Kids, Concerts Committee Executive. Currently:  Student Government Association, Greek Life, Sorority Event Director, BITS Site Leader

Mallory Jennings: Director of Marketing + Communications

Hometown: Louisville, KY
Major: Strategic Communications
Minors: French, Marketing
Most likely to be found: eating thai food in my hammock while watching The Office. 
Fun fact:  I saw the US Women’s National Team play in the World Cup in Vancouver, Canada!
Favorite Butler memory: Watching the Butler vs. Villanova white-out game in a jam-packed Hinkle Fieldhouse. It was an incredible game. Although we lost in a buzzer-beater, I got chills during a spontaneous standing ovation at the end.
Campus involvement:  SGA, Student Orientation Guide, Emerging Leaders Mentor, PuLSE Office Student Assistant, College of Communications Engagement Committee, Greek Life, Order of Omega, Volunteer for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Becky Rhodes: Parliamentarian

Hometown: Cincinnati, Oh
Double Major: Critical Communications and Media Studies  and Political Science
Most likely to be found: Sleeping!
Fun fact:  I have lived in two countries and nine different states.
Career Aspiration: First biracial woman President.
Song you jam to in the car: “Sweet Home Alabama”
Superpower you wish you had: I wish I could touch objects and see their complete history and all the stories that go with it.
Person you aspire to be like: Barack Obama
Favorite thing/piece in your room: My tapestry I got from Bonnaroo
Favorite youtube video: Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theory videos
Favorite celebrity/icon: Jesus
Name of your own reality tv show: Breakfast with Becky
Waffles or pancakes: Waffles
First thing you like to know about people when you meet them: Favorite movie, it says a lot about a person
Favorite Butler memory: The Butlerpalooza last year, because Kesha is life and my friends are amazing!
Campus involvement:  Student Government Association, Student Orientation Guide, Volunteer for the Blind and Visually Impaired, True Blue.