Hannah Kruger

1. Platform

It’s hard not to love Butler when you experience our environment around campus. Seeing students happy to be here and enjoying their time as a Bulldog was what really drew me in to BU; and now, I’m asking my peers to give me the opportunity to help foster that community. My name is Hannah Kruger, and I’m running for Vice President of the Class of 2019.

A strong sense of community provides a solid foundation for other aspects of our lives — among these the ability to share and learn from others’ ideas and experiences. As the Vice President for the Class of 2019, I’d love to work with other class officers to strengthen the feeling of community between the classes and overall on campus — not just to preserve, but to help grow one of the things so loved by Butler students, myself included. On top of that, I’d love to help foster a community where Butler’s sense of community isn’t confined to the Butler Bubble, but reaches into Indianapolis as well. Let’s reach not just Butler, but beyond.

Empowerment. It’s a word we hear often, but don’t necessarily think about when we use it. As Vice President I’d like to give this word meaning. Our campus should be a place of empowerment — a place where people feel challenged to be their best selves. I want to listen to you — my class, my peers — to help develop the class you want. Let’s work together to empower and uplift — to create a place where we can thrive knowing we have the support of our fellow Bulldogs, no matter where they’ve come from or where they’re headed!

2. SGA Involvement

I have not been involved with SGA due to involvement in other organizations on-campus and off; because of these leadership positions I have gone to SGA events.

3. Other Campus Involvement

I am an RA in Residential College, where I have experience programming, planning events, maintaining and fostering a positive environment, and handling intense situations under pressure.

I am a contributing writer and Social Media Director for the Odyssey at Butler, which has given me an understanding of how to use social media to positively reach your audience as well as represent your organizations well through social media.

I am also the Member Development Chair in Tri Delta. In this position I plan programs and oversee a Sisterhood Retreat. During my time in Tri Delta I also helped develop a partnership between Tri Delta and the Indianapolis Y—sisters from Tri Delta mentor girls in afterschool programs through the Y.

4. Qualifications and Characteristics

My experience as an RA has shown me firsthand the difference a strong community can make. I have experience programming in multiple positions that I hold, and understand what it means to represent an organization well! I am personable and do my best not just to hear, but to understand outside points of view; and being part of several teams throughout my experiences in leadership positions has helped give me experience working as part of a team to make sure we serve the greater good in the best way possible. Organization is key to a positive term in a leadership position, and I have developed ways to keep myself and my schedule organized to make sure I’m efficient in all I’m involved in!