Jasmeen Uppal

1. Platform

Welcome Class of 2020! My name is JASMEEN UPPAL and I would love to represent you as the 2020 Class Secretary! For the next four years, we as a class, are bonded together and my main goal, if elected, would be to provide fun and unique class events for everyone to participate in. Spirit and community are two things that I would love to use to unite our class; they are what sets us apart from other universities. By helping coordinate events, organized note taking, and listening to your thoughts, I believe I can help make these next four years the ones to remember! Throughout high school I served on numerous organizations like; National Honor Society, Octagon club, Key club, DECA, and the Riley Dance Marathon. Being in all these clubs taught me how to successfully organize events with a team of people. My organization and time management skills are two of my strongest qualities, and these would allow me to take in-depth notes during meetings for future reference. By giving me the opportunity to serve as your 2020 class secretary, I promise to fulfil all my duties on the job to the best of my ability!

2. SGA Involvement

Still being a first-year student, I have not yet had any involvement in SGA so far. However, after seeing all the amazing activities and work SGA outputs to the Butler community during my first semester at college, I realized how much I wanted to be involved in the process as well.

3. Other Campus Involvement

  • Academics are a high priority to me so I first sought out organizations that would further my Business and Political Science major. I was asked, and accepted, to be in “Scholars for the Advancement of Business Leadership” (SABL). In SABL one of our main goals was organizing “Butler Business Scholars” day for incoming freshman to introduce them to the Lacy School of Business. Apart from SABL, I also joined the Pre-Law Society and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club. I was also asked, and accepted, to be a True Blue Host. Although I haven’t had the honor of yet hosting a student, I hope that sometime in the future I will have the opportunity to, and can show an incoming freshman all that Butler has to offer. For the social aspect of campus, I am also involved in Greek life with the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Kappa has led me to amazing group of girls who support me in every way, and I am eager to get involved with Kappa’s philanthropy partnership with the Coburn Place.

4. Qualifications and Characteristics

Throughout high school and my semester here at Butler, I have learned that one of my outstanding traits is my ability to organize. Whether it be taking notes in class, planning in my calendar, or studying for a test, I always put a great deal of detail into organizing my work so that everything runs smoothly. As class secretary for the class of 2020, my organization skills would come to use when recording activity of our class, taking minutes during meetings, maintaining class records, and helping plan class events. Another characteristic that sets me apart is my spirit and enthusiasm. Coming from being a Plainfield Hoosier to now being a Butler Bulldog has been a major shift, but my pride for my school has never gone down. I strongly believe that someone can only do a job to the best of their ability if they truly enjoy doing it, and I can say that I would very much enjoy representing the class of 2020!