Jimmy Lardin

1. Platform

My name is Jimmy Lardin, I’m a junior Political Science major, with three minors–English, Ethics, and Environmental Studies.

Similar to a lot of other students at Butler, I came to college with a passion for making an impact on my surroundings, and SGA was an avenue by which I could achieve those goals. Unfortunately, I have seen students lose the opportunity to make an impact because they didn’t already know people within the organization, making it difficult to get a foot in the door. That’s why I am committed being the leader that ensures student government serves everyone.

Making SGA Work for All Students
SGA is created to enhance the student experience, and sadly there are students on this campus that feel that they do not belong, that their community doesn’t care for them, that their needs are not being met. I want to change that.
The Senate was created two years ago to compensate for the lack of a platform students had to express their wants and needs, as well as to have their voices represented. Having spent two years on Senate, I know it has not been utilized to the best of its abilities. My goal as a Presidential Candidate is to improve the partnership of the two branches of SGA that have the greatest impact on student life—Student Initiatives Board and Senate. I want to ensure that SIB uses student funds in a way that reflects what our student body feels is important. I do not believe that it is the role for a small number of appointed students to alone decide what projects exist on campus. It is the responsibility of 30 popularly elected Senators to represent all students fairly, and that is not happening right now. Student government already has the bones to work for everyone, and I will be the leader that guarantees our resources are utilized so that every voice matters.

2. SGA Involvement

I have been a student Senator since the inception of SGA Senate. Being a part of the initial group of Senators, I was able to work very closely with the Student Body President of the time to work out the some of the problems during the development of the SGA branch.  I was an author the Senate mission statement, and have had the opportunity to review multiple parts of the SGA constitution in two years. I regularly assess the SGA budget and advocate that it is used to improve the student experience. This semester I worked with Diversity and Inclusion Board (DIB) members in swaying the Senate to allocate a portion of our surplus funds to bring a diversity speaker to campus. I have also been able to bring my constituents’ crosswalk safety and parking concerns to Butler Administration’s official parking committee.

3. Other Campus Involvement

  1. Student Orientation Coordinator (SOC) and Student Orientation Guide (SOG): Successfully led two years of Welcome Week groups and am in the process of planning next year’s Welcome Week.
    Vice President and Founder of BU Political: Engaging the BU community in Federal, State, and Local Elections—hosted/planned three non-partisan debate watch parties in Jordan Hall.
    Fall Alternative Break Exec: Education and Reflection Chair. As a participant for the past two years I’ve been able to engage in important conversations about the impact of service. As an exec member I am responsible for facilitating those integral conversations, planning the next trip and dealing with the problems of a major location change, and educating participants about the communities that we serve.
    Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Relations Chair: I’ve revitalized an underutilized position in my fraternity for the sake of unifying the male Greek community. I’ve planned events and encouraged fraternity men to participate/visit each other’s philanthropy events, because I am of the opinion that support one another is more important that competition.

4. Qualifications and Characteristics

  1. Invested
    As an SGA senator, Butler Student Ambassador, and Student Orientation Coordinator I strive to support the university in their efforts to promote community and inclusive campus culture wherever I can. I know that Butler has incredible potential for growth so I commit a great deal of my time to ensuring that both the problems and positive aspects of our fantastic university are receiving adequate attention.
    Realistic & Experienced
    As a student and as a campus leader I am goal oriented and work to create dynamic projects that improve this university, but also ensure I see them through. Big ideas are important, but having background knowledge on what projects are plausible is the first step to ensuring execution of great ideas especially when there are obstacles like time, funds, or precedent stand in the way.
    Straight Forward & Open
    As a friend and as a leader I ensure that people know where I stand, and that I am available to them at all times. My success as a campus leader is deeply rooted in the way I value the interactions I have with the people I meet. Having mutual respect regardless of background or perspective, listening thoughtfully to others’ ideas, and sharing my honest thoughts on matters that are important to me have been integral to creating trust between myself and those I represent.