Savannah Caudillo

1. Platform

My name is Savannah Caudillo; I am an Elementary Education Major with an Early Childhood minor. I am from Hammond, Indiana and I’m an only child! I am running for Vice President of the 2019 class in order to grow my leadership abilities and strengthen our class. Three goals I have as Vice President are to hold more discussions on topics my class feels are important, bring in speakers about new job opportunities in the Indianapolis area, and to create a community within our class of acceptance and understanding.

2. SGA Involvement

None available yet!

3. Other Campus Involvement

Relay for life executive 2015-2016 (logistics) and 2016-2017 (PR), in my positions during these years I was able to grow my leadership abilities and come together with my team to raise more than $50,000 for the fight against cancer.

4. Qualifications and Characteristics

The qualities I feel I possess that make me qualified for the position are that I am honest, respectful, hardworking, and inclusive. I believe that anyone in a leadership position should be able to hold the trust of the people around them and respect everyone’s beliefs and thoughts. By being hardworking I can bring drive and ambition to my class officers and get things done. Inclusivity is a big driving point of my life, I believe all people should interact together in a peaceful way.