About SGA’s Diversity & Inclusion Board

SGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Board consists of four committees. Together, these four committees strive to host diversity events and promote awareness on campus.  These passionate and enthusiastic individuals that make up SGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Board, hope to educate Butler’s community on how to appreciate and respect the differences of others, while also realizing the diversity within themselves.

Education and Advocacy (EA)

The Education and Advocacy Committee serves on both SGA’s Student Initiatives Board as well as SGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Board. This committee works on student concerns that surround diversity and inclusion topics. Current projects include: reevaluating the BCR process, gender-inclusive bathrooms on campus, improved administrator involvement in the Diversity Center, and campus-wide efforts to focus more on inclusion.

Gender & Sexulaity
Race, Ethnicity & Spirituality
Special Events