Current Student Body President: Malin Peterson

The Student Body President is elected by the student body alongside the Executive Vice President each Spring. Both are responsible for setting the vision for the organization and developing partnerships amongst university leaders. The President advocates for the student’s best interest amongst senior leaders and the Board of Trustees, while fostering meaningful partnerships with community organizations and other universities.

Executive Vice President

Current Executive Vice President: Farrah Goodall

The Executive Vice President works with the organization primarily on internal initiatives and works alongside the President and the executive branch to provide support to the organization. The EVP serves as the chair of Student Senate and acts as the liaison between the executive and legislative branch.


Vice President of Finance

Current Vice President of Finance: Emily Fleming

The Vice President of Finance manages the overall SGA budget. This position works directly with the other members of Cabinet as well as the other boards to ensure that SGA is utilizing student dollars in a responsible way. In addition, the VP of Finance oversees Finance Board, which gives grants to student organizations on campus.

Chief of Staff

Current Chief of Staff: Alex Kassan

The Chief of Staff primarily oversees the board of directors for all programatic, marketing, service and philanthropic, as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion related initiatives. They also sit on executive cabinet as a liaison between board of directors and cabinet, as well as working on internal projects for SGA.

Executive Secretary

Current Executive Secretary: Emily Shoemaker

The Executive Secretary assists with the administrative tasks of the organization. They oversee projects such as managing the Master Calendar, planning SGA events for members, developing organizational resources and maintaining SGA documents. This position also works with Cabinet and the Board of Directors to insure effective communication and cooperation within SGA.

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