The President of SGA is voted by the students of Butler along with the Executive Vice President. The president oversees all of SGA, but also focuses outside of Butler to communicate and form relationships with other school’s SGAs. In this way the president is able to effectively able to create a bigger image of what Butler’s SGA is and what it will become.

Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance oversees the Finance board and also manages the budget for SGA. This position interacts with every other board on SGA and also with student organizations throughout campus. This position manages the budget of every board and ensures that each board is being financially responsible with student money.

Executive Secretary

The executive secretary helps with administrative tasks and also helps to plan and organize Airport shuttles, apple for you, and flip the script programs.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff helps to increase efficiency on SGA by communicating with each of the directors. This position manages new applications for positions on SGA. They oversee the board of directors and coordinate with the rest of cabinet for internal projects.

Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President helps to run SGA by overseeing the logistics of the the organization. EVP oversees the ligislative branch and acts the liason bewteen the executive cabinet and the board of directors.