Where can I find the form to start a new student organization?

To begin the process, you must fill out the ‘Application for SGA Endorsement of New Student Organization’ on Engage.  The following link will take you to the SGA page on Engage: https://butler.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/sga. To access this application login to Engage using your Butler email information. Once on the SGA page, scroll down to the section called ‘Forms’. The ‘Application for SGA Endorsement of New Student Organization’ should be the first form listed. Please complete this form and submit it. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed and we will provide more specific information on the next steps.

Will SGA be offering free rides for Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks?

We will be offering free Uber rides to the airport, bus station and train station for both Thanksgiving and Winter break. Please check our SGA Instagram, website and other social media for specific times and more info when it is announced.

How do I make an Uber account and use SGA’s free rides?

    • 1. Once you accept the invitation from Uber, it will link your personal account to your @butler.edu email address.
    • 2.  When you are in your account and ready to select a ride, above “Confirm Ride” there is a toggle button that allows you to charge to Butler SGA or your personal account. If it is within the parameters, select Butler SGA and it will automatically charge to the SGA account.

I just committed to Butler and want to get involved in SGA next year. How can I do that?

Congratulations on your admission and commitment! We’re so excited to have you join the Butler family and thrilled to hear that you want to become involved in SGA. The best way to hear about SGA position openings and opportunities is to follow our social media accounts, particularly our Instagram and Twitter. (@ButlerSGA) We utilize these accounts heavily to advertise open positions and upcoming events! We have lots of ways to first-year students to find their home with SGA at the beginning of the academic year, including first-year board member positions and senate elections. Our website, sga.butler.edu has lots of great information about the SGA structure and what each of our boards does. Board and Senate applications generally are released in late August/early September, and we hope to see you apply!

If a sign up is in person only and I can’t make it, can my roommate/friend/etc sign up on my behalf?

For in-person only event signups, you must be physically present with your Butler ID to sign up. Any exceptions to this rule will be noted in event advertising through our social media feeds.

Where is the SIL Office?

The Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) office is located at Butler.

Is this event a BCR?

All BCR events can be found on Butler’s BCR Calendar at https://www.butler.edu/bcr. If an event is a BCR, it will be listed there.

How do I know if I’ve secured a ticket to an event I signed up for through Butler Engage?

If you’ve successfully secured a ticket to an event on Butler Engage, the event page will indicate that you have RSVP’d.

How do I know if I’ve secured a ticket to an event I signed up for through Formstack?

If you’ve successfully secured a ticket to an event on Formstack, you will receive an automated email with the details of your form shortly after submission.

If I signed up for an event for which transportation is provided, can I drive myself?

For off-campus events in which transportation is provided, all participants are required to use the provided transportation.

How do I join the waitlist for an event?

To join the waitlist for an event, please email sga@butler.edu with your full name, Butler email, and phone number. Should a spot become available, you will be contacted in the order in which you joined the waitlist.

Will you advertise my event/club/sport/etc on the ButlerSGA social media accounts?

While we love to support Butler’s numerous campus organizations, the SGA social media feeds are only used to market student government activities and the activities of our sponsored clubs and organizations. Best of luck with your upcoming event!