Finance Board

Finance Board interacts with every board throughout SGA and with many Butler organizations. This is through its financial responsibility obligations that ensure that SGA allocates money fairly and justly throughout the organization. Finance Board also distributes funds to Butler organizations through grants.

If you have any questions, please contact Vice President of Finance Board, Justin Poythress (

How do I apply for a grant?

How does the grant process work?

Finance Board offers three different types of grants through its application process with each grant having different requirements. Any organization can apply for a general grant. This grant can be used to help an organization with an event, activity, or service for the student body. A DIB grant means that the grant is approved by the Diversity and Inclusion Board as an event that promotes diversity and inclusion on campus. Then a service and philanthropy grant is approved by the vice president of Service and Philanthropy and is designed for events that provide services to the student body and onwards. Once a grant is approved then the organization must fill out an accountability form to ensure that the funds allocated were used as intended.

Student Activity Fee Committee

Student Activity Fee Committee works to create a budget to best utilize the money that SGA receives from the University. Through this committee, each Board of SGA is allocated its budget. Finance Board meets with each Vice President of every board to learn how each board utilizes the money given. This committee also analyzes ways to optimize the budget by having some boards update their systems to run more frugally.

Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee works with every board of SGA as well. This committee checks every purchase made by SGA to ensure that funds are used responsibly. The committee also checks the accountability forms turned in by Butler organizations who receive an SGA grant. This is done to ensure that each organization is using the funds given by SGA correctly.

Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee works to spread the word about Finance Board to other members of the Butler community. Much of Finance Board’s work is to partner with other Butler organizations to distribute funds. This is only possible through the work of the marketing committee to ensure that each organization on campus that needs a grant has the access to one.

Partnership with the Green Committee

Finance Board has partnered with the Green Committee, which is a subcommittee of Student Initiatives Board. This is done by having a representative of the committee sit in Finance Board meetings to ensure that green decisions are being made across the campus. An example of this partnership can be seen by revamping the recycling system on campus.