In order to be heard by senate this semester, applicants must complete the process below before March 24th, 2017 at 12:00pm.

New Student Organization Recognition Process

*Please note, since the recognition process requires SGA Senate endorsement, potential new student organizations can only participate in the process during the fall and spring semesters when SGA Senate is in session. Depending on the number of student organizations in the que, the wait time for completing this process may vary. We ask for your patience as the Senate Student Organization Committee (SSOC) and SGA Senate work to review each student organization application.


1. Create a constitution for your student organization. Please reference the Constitution Guidelines for a list of guidelines and requirements for creating the constitution.

2. Complete the Application for New Student Organizations.

3. Email the SSOC at to schedule a meeting to review your constitution. Please attach a copy of your Constitution and Application for New Student Organizations to the email. Upon authorization, the Senate Student Organization Committee will forward the constitution to the Senate and the organization will move to step 4.

4. Meet with the full Senate for review of application. The Senate will decide whether or not to endorse the potential organization. (Appeals of the SGA endorsement may be taken to SGA Cabinet. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the SGA President).

5. Endorsements must be confirmed and approved by the Director of PuLSE (the Director of Greek Life, if applicable) and Dean of Student Life before organizations are officially recognized.

6. Upon official recognition, new organizations must meet with Jesse Neader ( to go over the Student Organization Handbook and student organization online registration.


Once officially recognized, the student organization may begin regular meetings and programs. Until all approvals are given, a new organization may only meet for the purposes of organizing itself. Please note, fraternities, sororities and related councils must work with the director of Greek life prior to meeting with SSOC.

All approved organizations must obtain an organization financial account and may obtain a copy code for organization use. Outside financial accounts are strictly prohibited. Please see Programs for Leadership & Service Education to establish the organization’s account.

All Butler University recognized student organizations are expected to comply with all rules and regulations as stated in the Student Handbook and in the constitution of the Student Government Association. Violations of these rules may result in the organization losing recognized status.

Appeals of the SGA Senate’s decision may be taken to the SGA Cabinet. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the SGA president. You may pick up a printed copy of any of the aforementioned documents in the PuLSE office. Questions may be directed to

For further reading, please visit the PuLSE office website.