Welcome! Thank you for considering funding through SGA’s Student Senate. Please note all grant funding is awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Completing an application should take no more than 15 minutes. Below you will find all the necessary information regarding grants.

NOTE: In order to obtain your organization account number and balance, please email SGA.


  • – Must be an approved organization by the Office of Student Activities
  • – Must be active for at least 1 month prior to applying for a grant
  • – Must demonstrate financial need
  • – Must demonstrate a positive impact on the Butler community

Guidelines & Restrictions

1. Budgeted expenses MUST exceed budgeted revenues (*Note: Revenues INCLUDE current organization Office of Student Activities balance).
2. Organizations CANNOT profit off an SGA grant.
3. A student organization can only apply for one grant per year. Exceptions might be made if an organization shows a significant financial need.
4. Grant awards may NOT be used to:

– Provide financial support for political programs, parties, individual political candidates or direct lobbying efforts
– Provide contributions for any private person, group, association or business
– Pay debts and expenditures incurred from any previous year
– Purchase alcohol
– Infringe on guidelines established in the Butler University Student Handbook
– Pay for an event or expense not occurring in the current academic year

Awards Types & Amounts

1. General Purpose

May be used to cover any general organization and operational expenses incurred during the corresponding academic year.

2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board (DEIB)

May be used to cover any expenses that fall under the SGA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board’s mission statement incurred during the corresponding academic year:

DEIB is committed to promoting diversity within race, spirituality, gender and sexual orientation in order to foster tolerance while cultivating an open-minded environment. Through programming and campaigns, DEIB strives to educate Butler’s Community to appreciate and respect the difference in others, while being a support system for diversity organization and a voice of justice for all students. 

NOTE: SGA Senate’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission retains full discretion determining if an organization qualifies for a DEIB Grant.

3. Service and Philanthropy

May be used to cover any expenses that fall under the S&P mission statement incurred during the corresponding academic year:

The Service and Philanthropy Board seeks to encourage and empower the Butler community to engage in thoughtful service and impactful philanthropy through educational programming, financial support, and the fostering of a positive environment that encourages exploration of social justice and Butler University’s role in the community.

NOTE: SGA’s Service and Philanthropy Board retains full discretion determining if an organization qualifies for an S&P Grant.

Application Instructions

There are 4 application parts. You must complete and submit ALL FOUR parts of the application to be considered. NOTE: You MUST use your Butler email address for all parts of the application.

Part One: Presentation Slides

• Access the Sample PowerPoint Presentation
• You must create your own presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Please include:

– A brief description and mission statement of your club or organization
– The size of your club or organization
– The impact your club or organization has on the Butler community.

• Slideshows should be no more than 4-5 slides total
• Rename the presentation as the name of your club or organization. Save this PowerPoint and upload it in Part Three.

Part Two: Budget

• Access the appropriate budget template for the grant you are applying for (see descriptions above).

Click here for the General Grant Spreadsheet
Click here for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grant Spreadsheet
Click here for the Service and Philanthropy Grant Spreadsheet
Click here for the Annual Grant Spreadsheet

• Fill in all related revenues and expenses for the organization for the year including current Office of Student Activities balance.
• Rename the budget as the name of your club or organization. Save this Excel Sheet and upload it in the application in Part Three.

Part Three: Grants Application

• Complete either an annual grant application or a spot grant application. Be sure you have included links to both:

a) Completed Presentation (only for spot funding); and
b) Completed Budget in your Grant Application

• SUBMIT finalized form.

NOTE: Upon final submission, you will be unable to edit your responses.

Part Four: Schedule a Presentation Time

Upon submission of all above parts of your grant application, a member of the Student Senate will reach out to you with directions on how to schedule your presentation. At the presentation you will:

– Present your slides (overview of organization);
– Present your budget; and
– Answer any questions from members of the Student Senate

NOTE: All presentations are business casual or business formal dress. You may have up to 3 speakers and no more than 10 minutes to present your work. Award notifications will typically be sent out within 5 business days.

If you apply for a Diversity and Inclusion grant,  DIB applications will require TWO separate presentations – one to both DIB and Student Senate. For Service and Philanthropy grants, S&P board members will sit in directly on Student Senate meetings for S&P grant approvals. If you applied for a DIB grant, you will first present to DIB to get approval from their board before coming to present your budget to the Student Senate. DIB presentations will occur on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00 pm and Student Senate presentations will occur on Wednesdays between 6:30-8:00 pm.

If Grant is awarded, submit Accountability Form including all relevant receipts:

• Please fill out an Accountability form via Google Forms demonstrating the use and impact of funding on your organization and the Butler community.
• The last question of the form will ask for a comprehensive document (one single document) of all relevant receipts showcasing all incurred expenses covered by the grant.

*Accountability materials (form and receipts) are due December 1st (for Fall Semester Grants)/April 1st (for Spring Semester Grants) OR within 1 week after the conclusion of your organization’s event (if utilizing grant for an event).

**Should Accountability materials not be submitted and/or infractions appear to have potentially occurred, organizations may be subject to a comprehensive audit over SGA Grant Award. Organizations may also be randomly chosen for an audit per the discretion of the SGA Student Senate. All infractions will result in a penalty evaluated on a case-by-case basis including, but not limited to, reimbursements deducted from your organization’s University account and/or denial of future grant applications.

Amount of Funding to Expect

The SGA Student Senate will use the following matrix as a guideline for funding organizations. Eligible amount will also automatically be calculated for your reference on the Budget Sheet.

Disclaimer: The Student Senate of SGA has full discretion as to which organizations receive funding and the sum of funds awarded. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the grants process, please email Speaker of the Senate Will Gigerich (