A Message from the Student Government Association:

As the new year begins, SGA would like to take a moment to thank our student body for its dedication to the values of kindness, peace, and respect. A new year and a new President of the United States provides us with opportunities to cultivate our beliefs and continue to learn from experiences. SGA is here to accommodate all students on campus and in the Indianapolis community through support of all political viewpoints, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender identity and religious beliefs as well as all other protected classes.

We urge students to have their voices heard within SGA. We promote advocacy for and on behalf of all groups, and we want to facilitate this support where possible. If you feel compelled to start an organization, or if you have comments regarding yours or others’ experiences as a student, share these with us either in conversation or through this link. We want to ensure that all students are heard and exemplified through programming, service, Senate and Executive Cabinet. If you would like to find a way to get directly involved with one of the SGA boards for next year, please visit the SGA website.

SGA election information will be shared in the next few weeks to let you know how to run for SGA leadership positions for the 2017-2018 academic year.

To those students who feel they need help processing feelings about the new administration, SGA encourages you to reach out to the Counseling Center at the HRC, the Student Affairs office, or the Center for Faith and Vocation. Today the CFV and the Diversity Center will both be open all day for students to pause and reflect on how they are impacted and responding to the changing political direction of the country, a shift that begins officially with the presidential inauguration.  Space will be available in both locations for students to journal, enjoy a light snack, or speak with staff from the CFV or the DC throughout the day.  Additionally, from 1:30-2:30 pm in the Diversity Center both centers will host a Reflection Conversation on the Inauguration for students, staff, and faculty to share with one another from a variety of perspectives about the current national moment.

We look forward to working together in continuing to advocate for all Butler students.