What is the Judicial Branch?

The Judicial Branch is designed to balance the responsibilities of the other branches of SGA. Elections are run through this branch as well to ensure that the Executive Branch and Legislative branches are elected fairly and properly. This branch ensures that SGA is running for the students of Butler University. They also oversee all other appointment processes so that no SGA member is being appointed unfairly.

Who is in the Judicial Branch?

The Judicial Branch is comprised of 7 justices. These justices are appointed by the President and are confirmed by Student Senate. One of these 7 justices is the Chief Justice who oversees the Judicial Branch.

Judicial Power

The Judicial Branch ensures that all Senate Resolutions are in lines with the constitution. It also reviews the constitution so that there are people continuously analyzing SGA and how it can best serve people. However, the Judicial Branch also serves as a way for SGA members to be held accountable. If there is found to be any misconduct of an SGA member then there will be a hearing held by the Judicial Branch.