What is the Judicial Branch?

The Judicial Branch is designed to hold SGA and its members accountable. The branch is tasked with ensuring all legislation passed by the Legislative branch is constitutional, conducting fair and impartial elections and reviewing the constitution and bylaws to ensure they reflect the organization as it evolves.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns you wish to share with the Judicial Branch, please reach out to sgajudicial@butler.edu.

Who is in the Judicial Branch?

The Judicial Branch is comprised of 7 justices— one Chief Justice with an unlimited term length, 3 justices with two year term lengths, and 3 justices with one year term lengths.  The Justices make up the Student Body Supreme Court along with the Court Clerk.

What cases does the Judicial Branch hear?

The Judicial Branch hears appeals cases for finance grants, student organization endorsements, the constitutionality of Senate legislation passed, the constitutionality of executive orders issued, constitutional or bylaw changes, and removal of SGA members.