About the Marketing and Communications Board

SGA’s Marketing and Communications Board serves two key purposes for SGA; to enhance the SGA brand as well as to connect students to campus information and other important SGA programs and updates. The Marketing and Communications board works directly with other boards to engage students and encourage their involvement with all of SGA’s efforts. The Marketing and Communications board has developed a new robust branding strategy that seeks to improve SGA’s brand identity, enhance SGA’s organizational image, and increase SGA’s inter-board collaboration. SGA is the voice for the students, and that voice and imagery is carried over into the marketing strategy for SGA.

If you have any questions, please contact vice president of the Marketing and Communications board, Natalie Ostoic (nostoic@butler.edu).

SGA Marketing Requests

For requests, remember to give Marketing and Communications Board two weeks notice before the deadline.  

Collegian Interviews

If you are a member of the Butler Collegian requesting an interview, fill out a request here.

Graphic Design Team

The graphic design team makes beautiful graphics for events put on by SGA and other Butler organizations, as well as other informational graphics that are distributed on SGA social medias.

Photography Team

The photography team is always trying to get the shot at SGA events. Many of the pictures that you find on SGA social media are taken by the photography team.

Social Media Team

The social media team is in charge of all things social media related. From the events schedule on the Instagram story to the informational Twitter updates, the Social Media team has you covered.

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Web Design Team

The web design team built this wonderful website that you’re on right now. This team works hard to keep the SGA website up to date with current events and information. The web design team is also in charge of Slack, a software used for much of the SGA related communication.

Videography Team

The videography team films fun recaps and informational videos about SGA events and other events put on by Butler Organization. Click here to check out a recap video of BITS 2017