The new SGA Student Senate convened in AU 326 at 6:30pm. Roll was taken, quorum was reached.

There was no additions to the agenda. Minutes stand read and approved for the previous meeting.(Joe killion (LAS1) moved, Stephanie Onyeiwu (Sorority1) seconded)

Becky Rhodes, SGA Parliamentarian and Jimmy Lardin, SGA President, went through Student Idea and Concerns Forum was re-explained and none were presented.

Stephanie Onyeiwu (Sorority1) announced Kappa Kickoff, George Somers (Fraternity1) announced Delt Dunk. Joe Killion (LAS1) announced new united nations club.

Committee Reports was explained and sign-ups were passed around.

Cabinet Reports began with each Director explaining their role and their board. Starting with Ryan Cultice for VP of Finance, Kaylynn Cline for Director of Programming, Mallory Jennings for Director of Marketing and Communications, Taylor Leslie for Director of Diversity and Inclusion, and Kaitlyn Swain for Director of Service and Philanthropy.

*Colton Junod will present later in the meeting for VP of Student Initiatives Board*

Presentations and Discussions began with Ryan Cultice, SGA VP for Finance; he went over the SGA budget as it currently stands, giving background to the Senate in preparation for the new money discussion.

Joe Killion(LAS1) moved to approve budget changes. Discussion occurred, Carly Donahue (Juniors), Jarrod Koester (Fraternity2), Ben Martella (LAS2), Kyle Giebel (Sophomores proxy)participated. Stephanie Onyeiwu (Sorority1) moved to table discussion, seconded by Carly DOnahue (Juniors). One nay by Jarrod Koester (Fraternity2) movement still carries.

There was no old business, New business began with explaining Resolutions. Three resolutions were presented. (1718-01, 1718-02, 1718-03) All were read and approved.

Jimmy Lardin SGA, President spoke on Executive Officer Report.

Becky Rhodes, Parliamentarian spoke for Executive staff Report on the shared google drive. Jesse Neader, Senate Advisor spoke for Advisory Report.

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