The SGA Senate meeting convened at 6:30 in PH 150. Before roll was taken, senators who had not yet taken pictures were sent into the hallway to receive their headshots. After that roll was taken, quorum was reached, and there were no new additions to the agenda. Minutes were approved by all new members of senate. There were no new student ideas or concerns.

The first presentation was from the sustainability club. Their goal is to promote sustainable ideas and conservation on campus while bringing together members of the community. Senators overall seemed in support of the club. The next two presentations were from both Sarah Diaz and Jamie Brennan. Sarah Diaz is the victim advocate on campus who presented about the different resources that are available on campus. Multiple senators felt that the flyer they presented should be made available on campus and hung up in different buildings because not many people know that these resources are available to them. Jamie Brennan also had a similar flyer about the process of filing a sexual assault claim that people felt should be revamped and distributed on campus. People also began to question the process victims go through while filing sexual assault claims and whether or not there are impartial, non-Butler employees involved. There was not necessarily a distinction between the two discussions and presentations because there is a great deal of overlap as well as similar topic discussion.

Announcements included applications for SGA elections which are due February 12th, and Midwinter DAnce which is the 14th-18th.

There was one new resolution passed including the resolution for a new fraternity senator Henry Tarbox, Resolution 1718-21. The resolution passed.

There were no committee reports. There was an executive officer report discussing the DIB events and that everyone should go to them. There was an executive staff report discussing the constitution, and there was no advisor report.

Motion to end meeting. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned.

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