The SGA Senate convened at 6:30 in AU 326. Roll was taken, quorum was reached, and there were no new additions to the agenda. Minutes were approved. There was a concern brought up on senate about how snow needs to plowed on roads and concerning the pot holes as well. Specifically around areas like Hampton and Sunset.

There was a presentation from Stephanie Nahhas discussing a resolution for sexual assault education. There is a concern that not enough education is going out for there is only truly programming for first years during welcome week and through the think about it course. This topic brought up wonderful discussion and multiple ideas. One of the main focused on ideas was trying to incorporate sexual assault education into the coursework on campus. This could include adding a GHS class, have someone discuss sexual assault in FYS classrooms, or creating a lecture series and advertising it as a BCR. A concern about this though was all the different levels of administration it would have to go through as well as the practicality. Another concern was that people believed that there needed to be an educational component for juniors and seniors which wouldn’t be reached with GHS or FYS. Another idea that came from this discussion was to try and do a SGA sponsored healthy relationships week. A concern was that AXO already has a similar program so it would have to be different from that in order to be successful.

There was an announcement for BUDM and that they are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 executive board.

Old business included approving the OK society resolution. Motion to vote. Motion passed. Resolution passed.

New business included approving gaming club and musicology club. For the gaming club resolution, the resolution was tabled as people were concerned about the conflict with it becoming a club sport. Musicology club had a motion to vote. Motion passed. Resolution passed.

There were no committee reports. Executive officer reports included encouraging senators to attend SIB events. Executive staff reports included encouraging someone to write a resolution for the definition of culture. There were no advisor reports.

There was a committee breakout session for senators to develop questions for their constituents to answer. Look forward to white board questions!!

There was a motion to end the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned.

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