The SGA meeting convened at 6:30 in AU 236. Roll was taken, quorum was reached, there were no additions to the agenda. Minutes were approved. There were no additions to the agenda and no additions to the student ideas and concerns forum.

The first presentation was from Oxfam America. Oxfam is an organization that fights to end the injustices that cause poverty as well as fight hunger. They plan on working with the PulSe office for that is what they have been doing while running the Hunger Banquet. They plan on hosting more events like the hunger banquet as well as giving people another volunteer opportunity. The second presentation was from Be The Match which is an organization that organizes bone marrow transplants. They have worked on campus in the past, but they want to make this a endorsed organization so more opportunities can open up and more people can get involved. The main presentation was the proposed budget for 2018-2019. There were questions regarding the leadership summit, SGA retreat, as well as possibly reallocating some funding towards student clubs. People were first confused how there hasn’t been a SGA retreat, but the retreat had happened in the spring beforehand because the other boards had been mainly established.

No new announcements.

Old business included voting on gaming club. They addressed the issue of becoming a club sport that they do have those goals but right now they are only focused on becoming a SGA sponsored club. Motion to vote. Motion passed. Resolution passed.

New business included presenting the BUPD liaison committee resolution. This resolution is requesting $500 to work on programming to strengthen the relationship between BUPD and the student body. This includes sponsoring coffee with a cop, raffling off dinner with an officer, doing a live streamed ride along with BUPD, and giving gifts to the officers working with the committee. The biggest concern was confidentiality with the ride along, but that was resolved because the ride along would be with an off-duty officer.

The executive officer report included announcing cabinet officer positions that are open for people to run for. 3/19 is when letters of intent are due, 3/21 is when cabinet applications are due and VPs present to senate, 3/28 is when director slate presented to senate, and 4/4 is when cabinet will be announced.

Executive staff reports included getting updates on the culture resolution, which is currently in the works. The sexual assault education committee is currently in the process of meeting with the victim advocate as well as developing a healthy relationships week. Then there was an update on whiteboard outreach events.

No advisor report.

Motion to close meeting. Seconded. Meeting adjourned.

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