The SGA Senate convened at 6:30pm in AU 326. Roll was taken. Minutes were approved. No ideas were added to the student ideas and concerns forum.

The first presentation of the meeting was from Chinese Language and Culture Club. They presented on the idea that Chinese is one of the most popular languages being taught currently and that this club would foster Butler students learning Chinese as promoting more people to get involved as well.

The next presentations were the candidates for the VP of SIB and finance board presentations. There were four finance board candidates. This included Justin Poythress, Lydia Ochs, Matt Rudd, and Jimmy Gleichmann. There was only one SIB candidate and it was John Lacheta. Justin first presented and he presented on a platform with three main focuses; education, efficiency, and opportunity. His education platform included ideas of making people aware that SGA grants are available, utilizing the education and PR chair, and an increase in marketing. He described efficiency as trying to streamline the grant application process as well as fixing some of the standards that have been in place that are outdated. Lastly he wants to create opportunity by fixing outdated bylaws that hinder groups from getting money. Lydia Ochs had a platform of education as well as diversity among the finance board. Her education platform consisted of advertising grants as well as working with MarCom and the PulSe office to advertise information. Her worries about diversity is that everyone on the board is a LSB/finance major and she feels that if she is supposed to be granting money to all student organizations there needs to be a wider variety available to students. Matt Rudd then presented and his platform of aspects he wants to continue as well as change. Aspects he wants to maintain are continuing the grant matrix, transparency, and streamlined meetings. He discussed the grant matrix and how he wants to continue with the matrix while continuing to reshape and make it better. He wants transparency to grow so organizations know what to expect when they come and ask for a grant and what the process is like. His final point is that he would like to streamline meetings so no one’s time is being wasted. Aspects he wants to work on includes allowing more clubs to get funding, education on campus, and strengthening the board itself. The last presenter was Jimmy Gleichmann. Jimmy presented four main ideas which included diversity, change in the matrix, adjust positions, and unifying the board. He wants to include more minorities on the executive board and members. In regards to the matrix he would like to adjust the matrix to take net loss into account and be able to re-allocate those fundings. He also wants to readjust the executive positions so the Public Relations would be a Communications chair and the education’s chair would be more defined by having them review an organization’s budget. His final platform is to make finance board a more cohesive unit as well as different SGA boards more connected.

John Lacheta was the only SIB presentation and his platform included multiple ideas like cultivating a member’s passion and working that into projects, incorporating Senate and DIB for cross board partnerships, encourage inclusive initiatives, continue using slack, and building relationships with administration.

After presentations we moved on to old business which began with voting on the BUPD fundraising committee. Motion to vote. Motion and Resolution passed. The next resolution was the Oxfam resolution to make Oxfam an organization on campus. Motion to vote. Vote and resolution passed.

New business included a resolution presented by senator Murjanatu Mutawa to fund independent team shirts for spring sports when in the past it was funded by BASO. Motion to vote on resolution. Motion and resolution passed. The next new business was the introduction of the new SGA constitution. Parliamentarian, Becky Rhodes, presented a general idea of what all has been changed. Senator Joe Killion motioned to declare constitution as introduced and discussion to be tabled for next week. Motion passed.

Senate was then moved into executive session.

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