The SGA Student Senate convened in AU 326 at 6:30pm. Roll was taken, quorum was reached. There were no additions to the agenda. Minutes stand read and approved for the previous meeting.

Anne Krietenstein expressed her concerns about parking issues during the Student Ideas and Concerns Forum

There were three Presentations and Discussion. Jeremy Moore answered questions and listened to concerns regarding Parking and Transportation Services. Morgan Mikowski discussed Pocket Points and took suggestions on how to improve. A Pocket Points committee was formed including:. Mallory from MARCOM discussed what this board is currently doing.

Two announcements: The Stand Tall/Its On Us and the Office of Health Education & Outreach Programs encouraged all students to wear teal on October 19, and homecoming events will disrupt parking.

The Ad Hoc Committee Committee to Create Basic Concern information reported on its progress. Three new ad hoc committees were created: Sanctuary Campus Committee (Ben martella, Olivia Jacobs, Stephanie Naahas, Joe Killion), Aramark Food Service Research Committee (Murjanatu Matuwa, Ben Martella, Tory Combs, Austin klawitter), and Hate Crimes Laws Committee (Nick Bentz, Taylor Dickerson, Angela Kotonis, Emma Harris, Tory Combs).

Jimmy Lardin spoke for Executive officer report. Becky Rhodes spoke for Executive staff report. Jesse Neader spoke for advisor report.

Meeting adjourned.

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