The SGA Senate meeting convened at 6:30 in AU 236. Roll was taken, quorum was reached, there were no additions to the agenda. An unknown senator motioned to approve the minutes and Nick Bentz JCA  seconded. Motion passed and minutes were approved.

There were no new additions to the students and concerns forum.

The first presentation that was given was Turning Point USA. They presented to the senate asking for sponsorship for their program in order to move forward in making Turning Point a sponsored club. They described themselves as a non-partisan group trying to promote financial responsibility. Discussion included why they necessarily needed sponsorship as well as logistics questions on working with Marian and bringing in speakers. During the senate questioning, there was a concern brought up by senator Austin Klawitter Apartments concerning issues of hate speech within the group. The presenters assured the group that was not an issue. This resolution will be voted on at the next meetings.  The next presentation was from Kaitlyn Sawin from the board of Service and Philanthropy, making another case for her resolution asking for money for a storage facility for BITS and BUDM that would be placed behind the HRC. The total cost would approximately $2,000. After this there was a motion to vote presented by Stephanie Nahaas Sororities and seconded by Carly Donahue Junior Class senator. Motioned to vote passed. The resolution 1718-11 overall passed. There were also presentations from finance board and SIB updating the senate on their progress.

There were announcements for Nutcracker as well as Alpha Phi’s philanthropy event. Also that parking E lots are available to any permitted drivers from 7am-7pm. Ross Hall also advertised the greek and independent panel ross was hosting.

The two other resolutions that were on the docket included Resolution 1718-12, discussing gender inclusive bathrooms, as well as Resolution 1718-13, discussing pocket points sponsorship. Both resolutions were tabled, for resolution 1718-13 did not have an appendix and resolution 1718-12 was not detailed about permanent signage or cost of signage as well as phases of how long temporary signage would be.

The committee updates are promising as the sanctuary committee is working to get a meeting with Dr. Ross either personal or in front of senate. Aramark food company is contacting with the company as well as asking to just be general food committee. The basic concerns committee is in the midst of a resolution. As well as pocket points and gender inclusive bathrooms just need to fix their resolutions in order to be voted on next week.

There was no executive or advisor reports

Motion to end the meeting passed.

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