The SGA meeting convened at 6:30 in AU 236. Roll was taken, quorum was reached, there were no additions to the agenda. Minutes were approved.

There were no new additions to the students and concerns forum.

The first presentation was from the EOC. They presented their revised guidelines for the election aspect of the constitution. The motion for the new guidelines was approved. The next presentation was from the LAS club with their goal to provide LAS students with more networking opportunities as well as possible internships in the community. There also was monthly updates from DIB, Finance Board, and SIB.

Sam Varie then presented on behalf of SIB about resolution 1718-12 with changes to Appendix A requesting higher funding for the project. There was a motion to vote and the motion carried. Resolution 1718-18 was presented to appoint Audrey Streiz as the new MARCOM Director. There was a motion to suspend reading, motion to vote, and then the resolution was passed. Senator Combs and Dickerson presented Resolution 1718-17, there was a motion to vote, resolution was passed.

There were no general announcements.

Aramark food service and Pocket Points committee was disbanded.

There was executive session to vote on the LAS Connections Club resolution and the motion was passed.

Motion to close meeting. Seconded. Meeting adjourned.

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