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SGA Senate Notes- 3/28/18

SGA Senate convened at 630 in AU 326. Roll was taken, quorum was reached, there were no new additions to the agenda. Minutes were approved. There were no new additions to the agenda, students and concerns forum, or any announcements.

The meeting began with a presentation from the organization Dawgs Serving Dogs. This is a club that provides experience for pre-vet programs at Butler as well as getting Butler more involved with the humane society.

We next addressed old business which was approving Resolution 1718-33 Chinese Language and Culture Club. Motion to vote, motion passed.

Next there was a discussion on some new business in the revised SGA Constitution. President Jimmy Lardin moved to have a section of the constitution approved. The section being approved was Article VI,  addressing Chief of Staff and changing all the director titles to VP. The Chief of Staff is a new position that would be on cabinet moving forward that handles internal affairs as well as serves as aid and counsel to the President. Overall, people approved of the position, but there were concerns about the title and whether it should just be referred to as Vice President. Everyone also approved of changing directors to VP for no one can justify the difference of work for them to not be VP. There was a motion to approve the position as is, motion was seconded. Article VI was approved. This led to the presentation of the slate for the 2018-2019 Cabinet. The slated cabinet included, VP of SIB John Lacheta, VP of DIB Alex Kassan, VP of Programming Chris Sanders, VP of Service and Philanthropy Alyssa del Priore, VP of Marcom Natalie Ostoic, VP of Finance Justin Poythress, Parliamentarian Malin Peterson, and Chief of Staff Liv Jacobs. There was discussion over the Marcom position before there was a motion to vote. Motion passed.

There were then presentations from DIB, SIB, and S&P updating senate on their projects.

There were no executive officer reports.

Executive staff report included announcing that the Brady Awards will be on April 25th 5-7, the Brandon Cole tree unveiling will be April 22nd at 8:30 am, and the next meeting will be at GH 102.

There was no advisor report.

Motion to close meeting. Seconded. Meeting adjourned.

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