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Becky Rhodes and Racquel Wilson

We are both diverse students that have had the luxury of being a part of many social and academic groups on campus. Consequently, we have been able to see the needs of our campus and many needs of the students. In our respective communities and positions, we are passionate about bringing positive experiences to the students of Butler University. Our goals are to improve the student administration relationship by becoming a more transparent organization. We want to advocate for student needs and help create a more safe and inclusive campus. Sustainability has been improved on our campus, however we have bigger goals in place for the university. We believe it is crucial to the progress of our institution that student funds overall become more evident to the student body.

President Candidate: Becky Rhodes

Previous SGA Experience

My first year at Butler I served as First-year senator and helped to lead a caucus of first-years that helped to establish class spirit and inclusion. My Sophomore year I served as Parliamentarian and in this role I had the opportunity to rewrite the SGA Constitution, oversee the Student Senate, helped to approve student organizations, established a resolution process and wrote 48 resolutions.

EVP Candidate: Racquel Wilson

Previous SGA Experience

I have participated in many SGA events, but have never served in any position in SGA. However, I believe a fresh face and perspective, matched with the experience of Becky will be just what this organization needs.

Sam Vaire and Malin Peterson

Butler Family,

We want to listen to, share, and be your voice.

As your administration, we will continue to focus on you by progressing diversity initiatives, remaining grounded on student voice, and by continuing to innovate.

  • Diversity Initiativesenhance our commitment to supporting diversity education for our campus while better equipping organizations with tools to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Co-programming diversity education for key administrators and all members of SGA.
    • Redesigning the model for SGA diversity and inclusion grants to allow organizations greater access to funding.
  • Student Voicecontinuing to reach students to receive feedback and guidance on campus initiatives
    • Continued involvement in the on-boarding of a new dining partner and holding them accountable to provide healthy and reliable meal options.
    • Continued advocacy for sorority and fraternity life while supporting and empowering independent students.
  • Innovationconstantly adapting to fit the ever-evolving student body  
    • Collaborate with BUPD to bring a ride-sharing service to campus to replace Dawg Ride to increase campus safety.
    • Launch a campus committee to investigate redesigning Atherton Union.

For the past year, we have been honored to serve as your campus leaders. We are asking you to continue believing in our dedication to your student experience.

In service,

Sam & Malin

President Candidate: Sam Vaire

Previous SGA Experience 

• 3 Years of SGA Experience:
o 2018-2019: SGA President
o 2017-2018: Student Initiatives Board Member
o 2016-2017: Ross Hall Senator
• Highlights: SGA President
o Lead eight executive cabinet members and chair the 36-member student-senate to implement the strategic vision of SGA through campus outreach and legislation.
o Mitigate concerns and risk regarding campus security and demonstrations through regular communication with Vice President of Student Affairs, Chief of Public Safety and Strategic Communicators.
o Invested nearly 30 hours in facilitating projects, conversations and research to increase access and education to the Title IX process.
o Set directives by intentionally delegating tasks to three cabinet members to lead a nearly $18,000 refurbishment and redesign of the campus diversity center, utilized daily by students, faculty and staff.
o Collaborate with student leaders to evaluate campus security and improve police relations through campus town halls and outreach events with police officials and students.
o Increase awareness for diversity center organizations by creating platforms for current members to engage with incoming first-year students
o Develop strategic relationships with Board of Trustee members, campus administrators, alumni and community members.
o Serve as a student representative on numerous committees to bring the student voice to the forefront of decision making.

EVP Candidate: Malin Peterson

Previous SGA Experience

• 3 years of SGA Experience
o 2016-17 & 2017-18, College of Education Senator
o 2018-19, Speaker of the Senate
• College of Education Senator
o Held regular outreach events to gather the concerns and questions of my constituents to best represent them in Senate decisions and initiatives
o Served on the Election Oversight Committee to develop election guidelines, assist in running campus elections, and revise Student Government Association documents
o Served on the Student Organization Committee to help bring prospective campus organizations through the endorsement process.
o Developed the BUPD Student Relations Committee to strengthen the relationship and communication between the student body and campus police through weekly meetings, events, and open discussion forums.
• Speaker of the Senate
o Tasked with setting the agenda for weekly Student Senate meetings and carrying out the agenda by facilitating business and discussion
o Worked with campus stakeholders in various departments (i.e. Faculty Senate, Student Affairs, the Health and Recreation Center, and Executive Council) to spearhead campus initiatives
o Organized and facilitated the SGA Leadership Summit, a leadership development event for campus student leaders
o Created the framework for restructuring the Student Organization endorsement process for the University by working with campus stakeholders and using best practice models to develop an efficient and effective process.