About Program Board

From late night trivia to Butlerpalooza, Program Board works hard to provide fun and educational events for all students. Program Board is made up of six committees: Associates Committee, Concerts Committee, Films Committee, Homecoming Committee, Out and About Committee, and Late Night Committee. If you’re looking to meet new people, get involved on campus, or have a good time, Program Board has your back.

If you would like to learn more about Program Board or have any questions, please contact the Director of Programming Board.

Late Night Committee

Late Night committee plans late night events on many weekends throughout the year. These events are aimed to provide students with unique, exciting, and most importantly, safe nighttime activities to the entire student body. In the past year, we have had numerous successful evenings from trips to King’s Island to on campus events like our famous Black Light Bingo. We continue to strive to provide students with the secure and entertaining events they deserve! More about the Late Night Committee can be found here.

Out and About Committee

Out and About’s purpose is to provide Butler Students with the opportunity to explore the Indianapolis area and discover new places. This includes hosting trips to restaurants, sporting events, shows, and other events in the downtown area. More information about the Out and About Committee can be found here.



Concerts Committee

The Concerts Committee is in charge of bringing popular acts to perform on campus. The Concert Committee is behind two of the biggest events on campus: Butlerpalooza and Exam Jam. Butlerpalooza happens at the beginning of the fall semester and is an event that all students should attend. In the past, this event has featured Ke$ha, DNCE, and Fitz and the Tantrums. While Butlerpalooza is a great way to start the year, the end of the spring semester is not complete without Exam Jam, which in the past has featured Houndmouth and Quinn XCII. More about the Concert Committee can be found here.

Homecoming Committee

Homecoming Committee plans events throughout the Homecoming extravaganza week. During this week, students can partake in university traditions, like Yell like Hell and Lawn Decorations. Students are split into teams to allow for a week-long competition to see which group has the most school spirit. For more information about the week’s festivities, check out the Homecoming Page. 


Associates Committee

The Associates Committee consists entirely of first-year students and is designed to help them understand Program Board better and how each committee works. They attend different committee meetings and assist at a variety of events. This committee is centered on supporting first-year students in their exploration of program board and SGA.

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