Sam Varie

Year: Junior

    • SGA Involvement

    • Ross Hall Senator – 2016-2017
    • -Represented the views of 600 constituents
    • -Held regular office hours and then shared the views of constituents with senior administration
    • -Held Residence Life accountable for student damages after Ross Hall flood, ensuring students received reimbursement
    • -Co-programmed with Ross Hall Government to bring a myriad of programs to support constituents
    • -Served as an advocate and ally for the student organization, TRANSForm. Worked with the students to become an official organization and help them receive the resources needed to be successful
    • -Coordinated with 2 university departments and 2 branches of student government to lead the process of having a Brita water station installed
  • Student Initiatives Board – 2017 – 2018
  • -Served on the Student Life committee, working to initiate projects to improve the student experience
  • -Led a campus wide to project to bring recognition, education and access to the Transgender community
  • -Worked with 6 university departments and 3 branches of student government to coordinate the installation of Gender Inclusive bathroom signage to ensure transgender or gender non-conforming students had access to bathrooms they were comfortable using
  • -Collaborated with members of Student Senate to write a resolution in support of the transgender community and ensure they had the support of the student body

Other Campus Involvement

Independent Student Council, Founder and President
-Provide educational and social programming to unite and bring awareness to the non Greek affiliated student population.
-Develop and drive strategic marketing plan to engage Butler community.
-Asses needs of independent student population through surveys and focus groups.
-Work in harmony with Greek counsels to foster positive relationships between independent students and Greek students.

Butler University Dance Marathon, Director of Special Events
-Led a committee of 15 students to plan, develop and execute events to support the fundraising and education efforts of Butler University Dance Marathon. Instituted inaugural event that culminated in raising $8,000, a 60% increase from prior year.

Student Orientation Guide
-1 of 100 students selected to serve as a guide for 25 incoming students during Welcome Week.

Fall Alternative Break Participant
-Dedicated four days to rehabilitating and rebuilding homes during Fall break while unpacking social justice issues during nightly curriculum and reflection.

Programs for Leadership and Service Education, Student Assistant
-Assist with operations of the office and aid over 150 student organizations with processing financial documents.

Qualifying Qualities and Characteristics

Relationship Developer

Relationships are the core to positive change. The connections we foster and develop allow for productive conversations and collaborative action. I have always been an individual who seeks to cultivate relationships with peers, despite differences. If given the opportunity to serve as SGA President, I will be constantly building relationships with not only students from across campus, but also administrators, alumni and community members. Having the ability to build positive relationships with my student peers, President Danko or board of trustee members, will provide the platform needed to cultivate change.

Innovative Thinker

Unexpected problems or crises are inevitable as SGA President, and it’s the President’s job to take an innovative approach to solving them. Since becoming a student at Butler, I have strived to identify where change is needed and find new ways to address it. As a Senator, it was clear that there was a lack of community amongst independent students, so I co-founded an organization that supported and empowered the independent community. As a member of Student Initiatives Board, I identified a lack of access to gender inclusive restrooms for our transgender community and created educational signage to fill that need. As your SGA President, I will solve problems, new and old, with an innovative lens that works for us, the students.

Results Driven

Relationships and innovation cannot stand alone, and must be paired with a drive to see results. I have been a student who has worked to bring conversations to life and mobilize the appropriate personnel to affect change on our campus through my work in Senate and Student Initiatives Board. Our Student Government must rely on conversation as a first step, but not the last step, and students should expect an SGA President that will drive change and seek results for our community.


I am Sam Varie, and I want to listen to, share and be your voice.

As your next SGA President, I will work passionately to use my voice to advocate for a safe, healthy, and inclusive community and will hold myself and others accountable. I will focus my efforts on these three initiatives:

1. Administration Accountability – Ask the hard questions and ensure leadership keeps their promises

  • I will ensure the administration and Title IX action plan is executed.
  • I will expect BUPD to always focus on student safety, rather than minor violations.

2. SGA Accessibility – Make SGA leadership accessible to every student

  • I will visit your Butler community to learn how to be a President that can serve you best.
  • I will host joint office hours with key administration for students to voice their concerns.

3. Inclusive Community – Bridging the gap between all communities

  • I will enhance resources and amenities provided in the Diversity Center.
  • I will bridge the gap between the Greek and independent communities.

My past two years at Butler serving as an ally, advocate, and leader has prepared me to become your next SGA president. With your support, I look forward to serving with and for you.

Sam Varie – Our Community, Our Voice

Matt Warren

Year: Sophomore

SGA Involvement

I have been a student senator since I have stepped foot on Butler’s campus. First as a Residential College Senator and then as the Sophomore Class Senator. In these positions I have been able to review parts of the SGA budget, assess the constitution, and decide what direction the students want SGA to follow. One of the most important and valuable parts of senate was watching both of the SGA Presidents work and assisting them on their journey to make Butler a more inclusive environment. One of my most important roles of senate was when I was on research committee. This committee made sure that Butler’s policies on alcohol, tobacco, and safety were up to par with that of other universities around the United States. This was a position that I was able to hold the university accountable for all of its legislature and current doings.

This past year I also have been privileged to serve as a Homecoming Co-Chair on the SGA programs board. While on this board, I was able to host all of the homecoming events and assist the rest of program board in planning concerts, late night events, and movie nights. Program board is tasked with the largest budget in SGA and it was incredible to see how our student’s dollars are spent for their education and enjoyment.

Other Campus Involvement

This past year I have served as the Sophomore Class President. In this role I had the ability to work directly with student affair to voice the concerns of the sophomore class. This past year has been a busy one for students especially in regards to our safety and well-being here on campus. I have met with multiple students in my class and voiced these concerns directly to student affairs as well as through my role on SGA senate. Through this role I also promoted class unity through programming and giveaways trying to maximize our budget and to make sure that each dollar is given back to the students in a meaningful way.

I also have served as a Student Orientation Guide (SOG) ensuring that our newest bulldogs feel welcome and informed of our campus community. Throughout the past two years, I have been one of the many welcoming faces as a Butler Student Ambassador (Tour Guide) showing my love and enthusiasm for this campus and most importantly every student that makes Butler so great. Finally, I have served on the Executive Team of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity ensuring the wellness of this campus and the effects Greek life has upon it.

Qualifying Qualities and Characteristics

Straight Forward and Honest

When faced with adversity, I am not afraid to speak how students really feel about pertinent issues on campus. This is especially true when talking with administration on campus. I have shown time and time again, that I am not someone to beat around a subject matter, but instead dive into it head on. This also applies to me being transparent with all issues knowing where I stand so individuals can approach me with concerns and dialogs can be had to make sure our student government best represents the students we serve.

Resourceful and Dedicated

When things don’t go as planned, I am someone who can piece an event together in seconds. This goes hand in hand with being dedicated to a cause. I want all events to be successful for SGA and this comes with my perseverance to go above and beyond the call of duty and give my all for the students and the university I know and love.


With an organization that contains seven branches all planning different events, it is imperative that events don’t overlap so every event has its own unique identity. I also like to plan far in advance so students are aware of everything happening on campus and so they can make time to attend fun events that their student fee dollars go towards. I can often be seen scheduling time to meet with others to discuss their lives and to make sure that the campus is in a healthy state.


Something unique about the Butler experience is every student has a different four-six years while they here in Indianapolis. In order to be a great leader it is imperative to be empathetic to students and to help them to have the best experience here while on campus. The best events and success stories of the Student Government often comes from times when we realize that we aren’t perfect. These are the times we grow together as a family and move to make Butler a home.


My name is Matt Warren, and I am a Biology Major with a Spanish Minor on a Pre-Law track.

When I first walked onto campus, I knew SGA was an organization I wanted to be a part of and I am so happy to have found my own Butler Family through SGA. I was privileged to serve on SGA Senate for two years and as a Homecoming Co-Chair this past year. I have learned so much about this campus and the people around me and now it is time to serve. I want to make an impact.

As SGA President, I want to concentrate on:
• Advocacy for all students, recognizing our history while creating a safe campus environment
• Collaboration amongst all boards of SGA and across campus organizations and their students
• Focus the branches of SGA to provide the most fiscal events for all students to enjoy

The student government was conceived to “promote campus unity and diversity, represents the voice of all students, addresses important campus issues, and encourages student involvement.” This promise can only be fulfilled if SGA reaches out through the senate and continues to provide outreach events with roundtable discussions to grow our campus community—the community of C.A.R.E.

This past year, Butler has had its battles and it is imperative that we look out for one another as the community of C.A.R.E. The only way to do this is through increased knowledge of pertinent topics that face students not only on our campus but across the nation. SGA should be hosting big events that involve the education of all our students in a way that isn’t through a classroom setting. It is only through well attended events and discussions that the community can begin to grow closer together promoting peer safety and involvement to not only make our campus a better environment, but our whole Indianapolis community. In today’s day and age, being a college student isn’t easy and SGA needs to be there to help its students and make sure their peers and the staff are working for them. As a private university, our campus is ultimately controlled by our students—our voice. It is time that the students tackle tough questions and make our world a better place. I am willing to lead the charge with the help of a committee dedicated to these causes.

It is evident in our campus community that there is a distinct divide between Greek students, athletes, and independent students. I think it is crucial to understand that students sometimes don’t choose their pathway at Butler but it is handed to them. This is the exact opposite of a community of collaboration. Every student deserves to feel welcome at all events while keeping the traditions of Butler University alive. This could mean altering events or adding different components—all celebrating our diversity and different pathways we have paved here at Butler. I also am devoted to making sure all students are involved in student government by increasing our outreach in our SGA senate and take the student concerns forum to the next level—making senate work for you. This collaboration must also be present within the branches of SGA and the cabinet must be cohesive but full of differing opinions to best serve our student body.

The world around us is constantly changing and so are we. Our campus community cannot be stagnant in our ways and we need to be ahead of the game and respond when problems
arise. The student government’s primary job is the students and to govern our campus. Sometimes it is necessary to protect our students and reach outside of our bubble, but I
don’t want the cabinet or the branches to forget the students we are governing. This starts with organization and immense planning over summer break so we can come into the start of the semester fueled and ready to serve the students. Researching of other universities and the world around us is necessary to make sure we don’t fall victim to worldly problems. By having awareness and by focusing on student problems, SGA can better serve and work for all students like you.

If you choose to join me on February 26th, you are taking a position for progress, you are taking a stand for a more connected community, and you are advocating for a safer campus environment for all of us. SGA has all the tools and resources primed and ready to serve its students, it just needs a new leader to lead with a new vision. This is Change we can Believe in—This is Change for all of us. #WeWantWarren