Uber + SGA

Uber on behalf of SGA by downloading the Uber app and accepting the invitation sent to your Butler email address. Remember that all Butler students have free, 24/7 access to these locations around Indy:

  • St. Vincent Stress Center – mental health services
  • The Julian Center – domestic abuse care
  • Indiana Youth Group – LGBTQ support for youth 20 and under
  • Job/Internship Interviews – visit the CAPS office in Business Building 102 for an access code to make the ride to and from your interview free

Also, pick a drop off location within a quarter-mile radius of the Broad Ripple Kroger and take $5 off that ride each way on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 to 11 p.m. (any remaining balance must be compensated by your personal account).

FEBRUARY ONLY – Using Uber through Butler SGA

Once accepted the Uber invitation that was sent to your email, it will link your uber account to your Butler email address. After you select your ride, if it is within the parameters, you will be able to select Butler SGA (instead of your personal account) and it will automatically charge to the SGA account. Pickup locations can be set to anywhere on campus. Always remember to be safety conscious and make sure the license plate matches the one listed on your app. On behalf of SGA, thanks for riding with Uber and Go Dawgs!

Free Transport to and from Downtown Indy!

Indy Go Bus Routes

Common Butler Bus Routes

Common Bus Routes from Butler:

Looking to get off campus for the day? Here are some directions to different locations near Butler:

  • Broad Ripple (15-20 minute trip) – If you’re looking for good restaurants and places to shop, downtown Broad Ripple is the place to be. To get there, take Route 18 and get off after about 7 stops at 63rd and College. To get back to Butler, get on the bus at 49th and Boulevard.
  • Glendale/Target (35-minute trip) – Need to pick up some groceries? Visit the Glendale Target. To get there, take Route 18 and get off at the Broad Ripple stop. Hop on the Route 17 bus and take that to Glendale
  • Downtown Indianapolis (30-minute trip) – Downtown Indianapolis is the place to be if you’re looking for shopping and good food. These directions will drop you off at Circle Center Mall in the heart of downtown Indy. To get there, hop on Route 18 and stay on for about 34 stops. Get off the bus at Maryland and Pennsylvania.


For directions and travel times for other locations, check out the IndyGo Trip Planner.


Bus Pass Prices

Exact Change is required to purchase the pass from an Indygo station.

One Trip Pass: $1.75 per trip

One Day Pass: $4.00 per day

College S-Pass: $30 and is valid for 30 days once scanned on an IndyGo bus.

If you don’t have the exact change then you can go to the Student Involvement and Leadership Department and you can buy an Indy bus pass from them.

For full IndyGo Bus Routes, check out this pdf.

Arrival Times